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Sneak Peek!!!

Have you checked out one of the Sneak Peek webinars?? You really need to see what is coming with Discovery Streaming! Some really cool things to help with your planning… be sure and check it out!

And how did it already pass me by???

So many things we each do in a school year. It seems like every year I start off thinking that I will keep up with my FB, Twitter, blogs, webpages and more… and one or more of them take a hit!

This blog seems to be last on my things to do list! I hate that… I love the DEN so much and love sharing with all of the members.. I really hate that I don’t spend more time sharing what I have learned or what I am doing with the Discovery resources…

This year I have made several presentations of Discovery in my presentation about great tools or tech camp…. Of course I always start the year with summer staff development teaching teachers how to use Discovery and the cool tools available… then I teach again in September as the year starts- this year I focused on the science techbook- OMG what a great resource! From there we made presentation at Texas ASCD, TCEA, IRA for the Jan term students from Austin College  and have planned to present at Tots and Technology in Galveston as the year closes!

My annual Tech Camp for students is just around the corner and I am making plans and creating the website for students and teachers to use… of course we will be using LOTS of Discovery videos, pictures, songs and virtual labs as we study about weather and create fun projects on the computers while we are doing it!

So… the blog before this one says school year starting.. this one is more along the line of school year ending.. and a busy school year it has been… I will try to post more as we start into our tech camp… maybe some fun things we do would be of interest to you… if anyone out there is still reading!!! :)

And another school year started

Another school year has begun! Tech Camp was awesome this summer… we are excited that we get to share all about it at TCEA 2013! We recently shared at Texas ASCD about the 5Es of technology- all the cool tools we are learning about using in the classroom! We have been asked to submit this session to TATN on Tuesday before TCEA…we shall see!!!

Starting a New Year!

Here we are at the start of 2012-13! What a crazy start it has been! This last week I was able to share some resources with some science teachers! They love the Science Techbook and Science Elementary!

Next week I am excited to attend the Region X Day of Discovery!

Then on October 15th I will be presenting at Texas ASCD at the Hyatt in Dallas… keeping things busy around here!

Live Binders

I have had the privilege of  presenting at TCEA and other conferences over the past several years. I always look for good digital ways to share my resources after the presentation. This year I think I am moving everything to and I will be able to present from there and keep updating that same location for those I share it with.

Check out two of the live binders that I have been working on- remember they are a work in progress!

Tech Camp-

Tech Resources-


I have been preparing for this year’s TCEA!

I am excited to be presenting about my summer Technology Camp for students. We have been doing this camp for several years now and I have had the priviledge to share about it a few times at TCEA-so come check it out on Thursday Feb 9th at 9:15am room 18A.

I am also presenting on some fun web 2.0 sites that are great for getting your students involved! I will be using some responders during the presentation. I will have the Neo2 keyboards with the 2Know toolbar and I will be using pollevery where with your cell phones  and maybe even a little socrative! I am also going to get to try out Qwizdom’s clicker during my presentation! Kinda excited about that! So come check it out on Friday Feb 10th at 8:00am room 18A!

See you at TCEA!

My Website

I have been working on my website! I had a teacher last year come up to me upset because the link to something she wanted to use was no longer available….. well… actually what had happened was that the link to another school district was the link to the page to the link to the page where the link was that she was going to use… did I confuse you.. me too!!! haha!!!

So.. I decided to start creating a resource page of links that my teachers could get to without traveling all over the Internet to find… so.. here is a link to my resource page feel free to use!!!

Click here to get to my web page

and then click on Classroom resource to find some of the links out there that we like to use in our classroom!!! I am trying to update it often! So check back again real soon!!! Also, let me know of some sites that I should add for my teachers!!! Do you know of great places to practice math or science or other things… share!!!!


Glogster EDU!!!

This last week at the Day of Discovery at Region X our presenters had the opportunity to tell everyone about! So many educators were excited about the possibilities of students creating digital posters with glogster! I had forgotten that I was working towards becoming a Glogster Ambassador so that I can share more and more about glogster!

Here is what you get with

Kids get to create interactive posters to tell about their subject! Couldn’t get better than that! They don’t just have the words and pictures.. but let them record their voice, their video or use discovery images and videos to help them engage themselves as they create and their audience with the topic they are creating the poster about!

As a teacher for edu.glogster, I get to create private student logins and watch the progress as my students create their posters! We can then share with one another or privately with our parents!

Let me tell you more about glogster if you haven’t used it before!!! This is some really great stuff!!!


Where did it go?

Can you believe this year is coming to an end? Where did it go?

I have been uploading resources.. checking my DAL for spring training… I will be at Southfork ranch on April 24th for the in person part of the Virtual Conference. I will be getting ready for my Summer technology camp that I hold for students each summer! WOW this year has flown by!!!

I have learned so many new things that I have to try out!!! Web 2.0 tools are always being added and changed! Some really cool ones that I have checked out recently are: that combines several URLs into one for your students! COOL! some really cool avatars!!!

of course my favorite spot is to find out what is new out there!!!

What is going on in your world???


Count Down to TCEA- Watch for STARS!!!!

Ok.. so countdown is on to TCEA! We are making sure that we have our travel plans ready! Making sure we have everything ready for our presentations! Getting excited about the pre-conference event that Discovery is putting on at the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum. I AM excited!

TCEA will be the week of Feb 8th in Austin. I will be presenting just once this year about our annual Summer Technology Camp for students. My presentation is Thursday Feb 11th at 8am. It is called “Making Waves with Technology” We will be sharing our Distance learning adventures, Discovery Science and Streaming, Neo2 keyboards and Smart boards and all the activities that really worked for that week long camp! And we have LOTS of activities because we did different things for each of the three weeks that we had camp! Come check it out!!!

Let me know if you are also presenting at TCEA.. let me know what you are presenting and I will look you up if I can!!!

Also, look for Discovery STARS presenting and let us know if you are part of the Discovery STAR team!!!