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Count down to Summer.. and then…….

Well it is a countdown to summer… but that is not the end of teaching and learning! Of course I am sure you guys are as busy as I am with all the end of the year things we have to get done!

I missed the DENny awards!!!! Wow.. I am honored to be recognized! How fun is that.. I love to share resources… many of you come to my presentation at TCEA and we have a great time sharing “stuff” dennyaward.jpg

So…. starting June 15th… I will be back in the classroom coordinating my annual Technology Camp! It is so much fun! Students come to us from all around our county and sign up for a week long session… many sign up to come to 3 different weeks of sessions!!

We do some Web2.0 tools that we aren’t able to do in the school year. We create and print and publish and have fun from 9am to noon or 1pm to 4pm each day. And of course the kids really love the Friday videoconference with the expert and then the showing off of their stuff as their family and friends come to visit our labs. Of course by Friday we will all be wearing the tshirts that we create ourselves!!!

This year my theme is “Making Waves With Technology” We will explore water… and some creatures in water… we will connect with the Texas State Aquarium and Alaska sealife Center. I am so excited about these videoconference connections!

I have a website that my teachers and students will use to get quick links to places… and hopefully we will publish some kids work as the summer goes along!!

I am excited about the summer… can’t wait to share more of our adventures!


Summer Tech Camp!

Well we are winding down another year and that just means I am gearing up for another summer technology camp. This year we are going to call it “Making Waves With Technology”

I am excited about the Distance Learning Vendors that I am getting in touch with that we will probably use at the end of each week. I am also thinking about sending someone out with a camera and using Skype or another great tool to connect back to us from an aquarium or something!

There are so many great resources out there… it is hard to decide where to steer my teachers, we have Discovery Science with the awesome virtual labs, streaming videos, and some great Web 2.0 tools that Glogster and Blabberize and more… can’t wait to give you updates on all that we do…..

Maybe we will get an opportunity to share again at TCEA! We had a full house in our tech camp presentation last year!!! If you are reading this and you came to that presentation and now you are starting your own tech camp!!! We would love to hear from you! A few of you have emailed me direct.. keep those emails coming!!!


Yeah! It is almost time for TCEA! I am presenting two different Sessions! One is on Integration ideas and the other one is on Tech Camp! I am also signed up for the Discovery PreConference event on Tuesday!!! I am excited about that!!!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you are going to TCEA.. also if you are presenting.. let me know of some sessions to watch for!!


Starting a New Year

I have the privilidge of working with teachers every year and training them on the awesome tools we have in our hands! It has been exciting to start the year with new projectors and awesome sound systems in our rooms…. so guess what goes really GREAT with those tools!!! You guessed it Discovery Streaming! I have been training teachers on getting started with streaming videos! So watch out all you other fleets… Excitement is brewing and Central will be adding some new stars very soon!!!


Texas Regional Conference

Well… last weekend was great! I was so sorry that I had to arrive late to SMU to enjoy all the presentations that were going on for the DEN conference! WOW! What awesome talent we had in that room!

As always I walked away with some great info that I can take back and use! I am starting to play with JOTT.. isn’t that fun!

There was so much stuff to learn and work with… the Texas DEN Wikki site has examples of our projects and presentations!

I appreciate Justin and Mike for getting it all put together for us! I am looking forward to some more great opportunities as we move forward this year!

The TEXAS DEN rocks!!!


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TCEA- Gidgets and Gadgets

Gidgets and Gadgets– So I left for TCEA on Monday…. got to attend an awesome presentation on Tuesday by Adobe/ISTE/Discovery! Then Wednesday I got some pens and pencils in the vendor hall!! tee hee…. On Thursday I presented my thing on Tech Camp called Gidgets and Gadgets! I was so happy to have the two teachers that worked with me there so that they could share their info on cool projects they did!!! I am hoping that many of those that came will start their own tech camp…or be able to add to the ones they are doing because of something they learned from us…. and we would love to learn from you too!

anyway…here is the handout I gave that has a little info about some of the things I shared…. stay in touch….

Some Spooky Math

Ok… so while sitting around the house this weekend I created some more spooky math in PowerPoint for my K-1-2nd grade students… watch for them in the resources… Batty Counting, Spooky Counting and Spooky Addition.

These are just some fun PowerPoint activities that the students can click drag and drop and at the end print and fold into little books!!

Hope you enjoy them!!!

Second Life… a second time around

Second LifeOk…. so… I tried to get logged on to second life this summer… but my laptop wouldn’t cooperate…so after school started and I got a different laptop… I tried again…then I couldn’t remember my login…so I started again….so now I am Harmony Oceanlane…

so I came and visited and checked it out….so I guess I will have to come back when something fun is going on!!!

New Place to blog!

Ok.. well.. this is my first blog since DE moved to the new look! So I am trying out everything to see how it works…first thing I had to do was update profile… add picture…and then change the theme of my blog page… I went with orange…. made me think of Fall….so I guess that is it….. leave a comment and let me know if you are playing too!