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This summer I have been experimenting a lot with Plurk and Twitter.  OK, maybe less with Twitter and more of Plurk as I have grown to like the discussions on Plurk more.  Anyway, a topic surfaced in late June or early July about how there were less Plurk’s about school-type topics and many personal Plurks.  Many people replied that they thought that would change as the school year started up again.

I was reflecting on these a bit this afternoon and watching the Plurks for any difference.  I do think that the content is different than it was a few weeks ago.  People are more centered around work/school and kids and learning. The great thing is that I know all my Plurk friends so well personally I can really relate to them and the professional things they are writing about.  I am grateful for the time I had this summer to get to really know them all, and I feel like I get more out of the 140 characters.  I really appreciate the friends I have on Plurk and Twitter.  I only wish I could remember who Plurked or sent out that Tweet wondering if the conversations would change as September grew nearer.  I think they have.

A New Year, New Goals (thanks to teach42)

Today I finished up a class I taught with teachers on Web 2.0 tools for classrooms.  One teacher asked how youo go about finding and searching names for people on Plurk.  So, I searched put, yes you guessed it… Teach42, Steve Dembo.  This led to looking up what he Plurks about.  This was the latest Plurk:

PLURK POLL: Share a goal that you have for the upcoming school year.

I thought about his Plurk on the ride home from the training.  After paying the babysitter, greeting kids, and opening mail, I sat down to tackle the 73 unread Plurks from the day.  (For those of you who use Plurk I bet you are impressed there were only 73.  Shows what I did on my lunch break. Steve’s Plurk  came back to mind and I thought again about goals.

What I came to realize is that while I teach and train people about the many great resources on the web I still need to use them more frequently and in more creative ways.  Additionally, I really need to blog and as  DEN LC member, I should be blogging here.  I have always struggled with blogging because I still cannot imagine who or why anyone would care about my day-to-day professional life, or personal life.  However, like all new things I have come to be addicted to, you must give it a whirl to know if it is for you.   So, a part of my goal for the year will be to blog more, hold me to it.  The other part of the goal I have set is the implementation of the web 2.0 tools with kids.  I hope to post the results here too.

Here’s to a great year!  Thanks teach42 for the inspiration to begin.

Hello World!

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