100 Ways, 100 Days: Maximizing Your Use of Discovery Education

Join 100 Discovery Educators as they go beyond the stream to expand the use of digital media in our series 100 Ways in 100 Days, designed to help you maximize your use of Discovery Education resources.

Each week, we will feature Discovery Education community members using a variety of digital assets (e.g. audio files, videos, interactives), features within Discovery Education (e.g. builder tools, student center), Professional Learning Center resources, Spotlight on Strategies, and the DEN Online Community to transform teaching and learning.

#CelebratewithDE by sharing on social media how you are integrating Discovery Education by using #DE100ways or by joining the ongoing conversation in the DEN Online Community.


1. Table Top Texting (SOS)
Hugh McDonald 7th Grade Teacher, Surrey School District, BC Canada

Table top texting allows my students to engage and connect more deeply with content by having in-depth written conversations that ask them to consider others’ viewpoints, ask essential questions, further develop their own understanding, and communicate in writing  — all with peers they may not have had many connections with previously.

2. Virtual Events (Events and Experiences)
Quentin Alimayu Middle School Teacher, Ladue School District, MO, USA

I know that every time I access Discovery Education’s Events Calendar I can find a learning event or experience for me and my students. This month, I can’t wait to attend a virtual field trip with my students and an after school session about how to use Discovery Education with fellow educators.

3. Student Center (DE Feature)
Shelby Graves Library Media Specialist, Warren County R3 District, MO, USA

The Student Center allows all of my students to access the resources in Discovery Education in a user-friendly format. They can create boards in Board Builder, search for relevant content, or play grade-appropriate games.

4. Primary Source Images (Digital Media Asset)
Debbie Bohanan Digital Video Educator, Osceola School District, FL, USA

Primary source images allow me to connect my students with the world and build background knowledge. Projecting the image of the sun for my students, we created an eclipse in our classroom showing how the moon passed between the earth and the sun.

5.  Community Resources (DEN Online Community)
Melissa Matthews Technology Program Specialist, Palm Beach Schools, FL, USA

Community Resources saves you time and gives you ideas and inspiration to use in your classroom. I shared the Goosechase Edu game entitled “Discovery Education,” which allows participants to discover DE by completing a scavenger hunt. For more information about Goosechase and other ways to incorporate DE into your curriculum, check out the library in the DEN Community site.

6. Hot Topics- 5 Resources for Student Engagement(PLC Resource)
Brandon Wislocki 4th grade teacher, Irvine Unified School District, CA, USA

During my staff development, I shared the Hot Topic: Top 5 Resources for Student Engagement to demonstrate how digital resources from Discovery Education support our goals of student engagement.

7. Blurt Out (SOS)

Jeremy Badiner Instructional Technology Coach, Gull Lake Community Schools, MI, USA

I use Blurt Out as a fun review game to summarize what we have learned. It is an engaging way for students to summarize videos and review content.

8. Professional Learning Toolkits (PLC Resource)

Paul McGuire Professional Development Consultant, Ottawa, ON, Canada

The professional learning modules are a great place to get an introduction to the world of Discovery Education. I have used the resources to professionally develop staff at my school. Staff members were able to explore additional PD resources on their own to further develop their expertise and design and develop their own Discovery Education learning plans.

9. Closed Captioning Videos (Digital Media Asset)

Conni Mulligan Technology Facilitator, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, NC, USA

I love to use the closed captioning available in Discovery Education. I like that I can adjust the text size, color, and screen location of the captions. For more advanced users, it is possible to edit the captions for a variety of classroom integration strategies and student needs.

10.STEM Career Challenges (PLC Resource)

Jessica Vasquez 2nd Grade Teacher, Maury County Public Schools, TN, USA

I use STEM Career Challenges to put my students in the shoes of a STEM professional. Within the span of a week, students learn about a new career, analyze how the 4Cs are used on the job, and then solve a problem likely to be faced in that career. It’s engaging, relevant, and STEM focused!

11. Community Discussions (DEN Online Community)

Melissa Murray 2nd Grade Teacher, Marysville Joint Union School District, CA, USA.

Discussion Groups provide opportunities to connect with educators who have similar interests, collaborate, share strategies, ask questions, and find answers. I shared how educators at my school challenge each other to use the SOS and search the discussion threads for SOS for ideas about how other educators are using these strategies in their classrooms.

12. Hot Topics for Literacy (PLC Resource)

Susan Bowdoin Library Media Specialist, Albuquerque Public Schools, NM, USA

During our Librarian PLC time, I shared the Hot Topics: Literacy page to demonstrate how the resources and strategies within Discovery Education help students build and strengthen their foundational reading, writing, and communication skills.

13. Whittle It Down (SOS)

Dana Johnston Instructional Coach, Orange Unified School District, CA, USA

After watching a video segment or listening to an audio file, I use the strategy Whittle It Down to help students develop their academic vocabulary, summarizing, and collaboration skills.

14. DEN Connect (DEN Online Community)

Christian Padgett 4th Grade Teacher, Fulton County Schools, GA, USA

On Tuesdays, I join DEN Connect, a live virtual learning space where I can chat with other DEN members and get my questions answered by Discovery Education experts. I learn about the latest updates to Discovery Education and get strategies for integrating digital resources into my lessons.

15.Atlas Interactive Map (Digital Media Asset)

Alison Schleede Principal, Suzhou North American High School, Suzhou, China

The Discovery Atlas Interactive Map allows my students to zoom in and learn about the culture, government, history, environment and other wonders of countries ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe.

16. Step-by-Step Guides (PLC Resource)

Abigail Schiferl 6th Grade Science Teacher, Greenville County Schools, SC, USA

I use Step-by-Step Guides as a resource when I’m showing teachers the the depth and breadth of resources and tools within Discovery Education. The images, videos, and clearly written instructions give teachers confidence in implementing Discovery Education.

17. Virtual Fieldtrip Archives (PLC Resource)

Sedley Abercrombie Lead Library Media Coordinator, Davidson County Schools, NC, USA

I love the virtual fieldtrip archives! Students can travel to all sorts of places from the classroom with these awesome, high res adventures. Because they are archived, teachers can plan the “live” field trip to suit THEIR schedules. What a great digital tool for students and teachers!

18. Hot Topics for Diverse Learners (PLC Resource)

Charles Anderson  Principal, Chicago Public Schools, IL, USA

I was looking for ideas to help my staff differentiate instruction and found the Hot Topics: Diverse Learners page.  These curated resources helped them learn new strategies to engage students with multimodal digital content for multiple learning styles, varying degrees of readiness, and unique interests by offering resources to help vary content, process, product, and learning environment.

19. Trending (DE Features)

Lea Anne Daughrity Middle School/ High School STEM Teacher, Callisburg Independent School District, TX, USA

I love to view the trending topics area on the Discovery Education Streaming home page because it gives me access to current, relevant, and important topics that are going on in the world today. It give us an opportunity to reflect on global issues and how we can make an impact.

20. Community Groups (DEN Online Community)

Jennifer McDermott 6th Grade Science Teacher, East Hanover Middle School, NJ, USA

The DEN Online Community has been an incredible resource for my middle school science class. Science teachers have a place where they can discuss the best ways to utilize the techbook and share some great ideas about classroom activities. It’s been an excellent support tool.

21. Math Explanation Videos (Digital Media Asset)

Genny Kahlweiss Third Grade and Blended Learning Coach, Saint Columban School, Garden Grove, CA, USA

I use Math Explanations to differentiate learning for my students: some students need to strengthen up on concepts and others need to be challenged to accelerate into next grade-level concepts. These are great for designing playlists of instruction for personalizing the learning, and students have control over pacing, so if they need to watch something more than once for a deeper understanding of the concept they can do so. These videos support student ownership of learning.

22. Puppet Pictures (SOS)

Becky Goddard Instructional Technology Specialist, Pine Lake Preparatory School, NC, USA

I use the images in Discovery Education with the SOS Puppet Pictures to allow my younger students to verbalize their learning. It’s an engaging way to practice academic vocabulary and assess their learning.

23. Global Wrap (DE Features)

Rita Mortenson Educational Technology Coach, Verona Area High School, WI, USA

Discovery Education’s Global News Wrap provides teachers an incredible summary of the major news reports from around the world. It is such an engaging way to provide an overview of worldwide current events.

24.Hot Topics for STEM (PLC Resource)

Tomika Altman-Lewis 5th Grade LEAP Teacher, Seawell Elementary, NC, USA

There are so many great STEM resources out there. I use Hot Topics: STEM as a central location for a variety of powerful and engaging resources designed to fuel a cultural shift in STEM teaching and learning.

25. Collaborative Projects (PLC Resource)

Lindsay Foster Learning Technologies Coach, Burleson Independent School District, TX, USA

To encourage the 4Cs (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication), as well as authentic data collection, educators throughoutour district are using the Discovery Education Collaborative Projects as a way to connect with other classes and build databases from which students can generate meaningful, real world conclusions.

26. Sound Effects (Digital Media Asset)

Terra-Lee Gratton 4th Grade Teacher, Ecole Elementaire St.Paul Elementary School, AB, Canada

I use sound effects in the classroom because it’s a simple way to grab the students attention. It’s also a thought-provoking way to have students predict what they will be learning about.

27. Asking Questions (DEN Online Community)

Laudan Kirk Instructional Coach, West Ada School District, ID, USA

The DEN Online Community is foundational in helping me grow more as an educator. I love being able to post a question to the DEN online groups and, within a day, have my questions answered by other passionate educators. This really is a great way for me to be able to connect with others outside my state.

28. The Envelope Please (SOS)

Krystal Romanowski High School Science Teacher, Chesapeake High School, MD, USA

I use the SOS The Envelope Please for an inquiry approach to engage students in new learning cycles within a unit. This strategy provides an opportunity to assess prior knowledge that can help inform instructional decisions throughout the lesson and also allows students opportunities to make and reflect on predictions.

29. High Res Images (Digital Media Asset)

Jennifer Zolikoff 5th Grade Teacher, Anasazi Elementary School, AZ, USA

I use Discovery Education high resolution images and green screen tools to allow my students to step back in time. This combination of resources and strategies brings excitement for students when researching and writing about historical events!

30. Health & Wellness: DEA Operation Prevention Educational Partner Programs (PLC Resource)

Rodney Crouse 5th Grade Teacher, Vandalia Elementary, NC, USA

My students participated in the virtual field trip and explored accompanying resources to learn about the impact and risks of opioid and prescription drug abuse. Many of my students had been personally impacted by these issues. We used the experience and resources to remind students of their power in planning a positive future.

31. Multiple Perspectives (SOS)

Shana White Lower School Physical Education Teacher, Wesleyan School, GA, USA

Last year, I frequently used the SOS strategies Multiple Perspectives and Circle of Viewpoints to improve students’ empathy and compassion and their understanding of the value and power of inclusion.

32. #CelebratewithDE (PLC Resource)

Jeannine Shields Instructional Technology Facilitator, William B. Ward Elementary School, NY, USA

Participating in events through #CelebrateWithDE can connect our students with experts and other classrooms beyond our school walls. Each unique event brings a variety of possibilities: study changes in climate, a celebrated author, heritage months, or STEMDay.

33. My Connections (DEN Online Community)

Michelle Joyce High School Science Teacher, Palmetto Ridge High School, FL, USA

I am a HS teacher who is the only person at my school to teach my subjects. The DEN Online Community connects me with a variety of resources including other teachers, inspiring and passionate educators who teach the same subjects, share their ideas, and give me new ones. I get to contribute and give back, too. The DEN makes me a better teacher and a better person.

34. Content Collection (Digital Media Asset)

Erica Phillips Vice Principal/Grade 4, Sir Charles Tupper School, NS, Canada

Content Collections do the grunt work for you! You have a topic in mind and Discovery curates that topic to give you video segments, images, lesson starters, and even SOS Strategies, all sorted by grade level. It not only helps you plan units and lessons, it does what teachers need most: saves time! Once you have identified a collection, you can add it to your My Content folder, your Builders, your QuickList — or share it with a colleague.

35. DE in Action (PLC Resource)

Laura Smith Technology Instructor and Facilitator, Trinity Lutheran Christian School, MD, USA

When I need ideas about how to use Discovery Education resources, I step inside the classrooms of other community members by viewing the DE in Action Learning in 360 or Classroom Drop-Ins series. Through these interactive resources, I see how other teachers are using digital media, hear how they solve problems, and experience Discovery Education through their eyes.

36. Concept Circles (SOS)

Jennifer Tatum 5th Grade Teacher, Fairview Elementary School, NC, USA

The SOS Concept Circles allows me to bridge vocabulary words or learning strategies within a concept. I use the strategy in small groups, allowing my students time to collaborate and frame their thinking.

37. Board Builder (DE Feature)

Laura Dawes Media Specialist/Technology Support Teacher, St. Elmo Elementary, AL, USA

Board Builder is a versatile online presentation tool that allows teachers and students to aggregate written and digital content to introduce topics, present research, or assess learning for any concept at any grade level. I use Board Builder to assign research projects that include videos and files for each of the research steps. I can use it immediately, and it can be archived and shared for future use.

38. Podcasts (Digital Media Asset)

Jesse Erickson Curriculum Technology Partner, Twining School and South Middle School, ND, USA

Podcasts allow my students to hear relevant content in a modern way that is engaging and meaningful to them. Students use podcasts to deepen understanding of class material or of a special topic for a Genius Hour project. Podcasts are entertaining and informational: The digital content is presented in a digestible sound bites and the hosts incorporate a little humor for the listeners.

39. DEN Blog (PLC Resource)

Orly Mondell  9th grade Teacher, Pikesville HIgh School, MD, USA

I use a blog as a professional development tool because it allows me to speak from personal experience and the experiences of my colleagues about the great resources available to educators.

40. My Content (DE Features)

Jan Abernethy 5th Grade Science Teacher, East Elementary School, PA, USA

When I find a resource I want to use in my classroom, I save it to My Content, where I have all of my favorite media organized in folders by subject, then by topic. I add and subtract to my collection every year when I find something new, which saves time because I don’t have to search for my favorites year after year.

41. Exploring Resources (DEN Online Community)

Alexis Moore K-5 Science Teacher, Bluford STEM Academy, NC, USA

I am an organization fanatic and I try to get my students to be organized too. Because of the DEN Online Community, I learned about the fabulous note taking resources in Techbook that help students stay organized.

42. Circle of Viewpoints (SOS)

Karen Wells AP English Language Teacher, Midland High School, AR, USA

Digital media combined with the SOS Circle of Viewpoints provides a structure for my advanced placement students to analyze diverse viewpoints that have led to significant literary and historical moments.

43. Interactive Explorations (Digital Media Asset)

Emily Peed 5th Grade Teacher, Mike Davis Elementary, FL, USA

The explorations are engaging, interactive activities. Each exploration includes questions and graphic organizers. I love that my students can see animations and learn to synthesize information.

44. Agriculture and Environment Educational Partner Programs (PLC Resource)

Andy Losik Elementary STEM Teacher, Hamilton Elementary School, MI, USA

Discovery Education has partnered with a number of organizations to increase student knowledge and awareness in the field of agriculture. They have built comprehensive programs around sustainability and other hot topics related to agriculture including lessons, virtual field trips, interactive games, and more

45. XO Let’s Go (SOS)

Thomas McAuliff 4th Grade Teacher, Taylors Elementary, SC, USA

I use XO Let’s Go as an instructional strategy because it helps teach students to pay attention to details and to be active listeners.

46. Reading Passages (Digital Media Asset)

Katie Bollinger 6th Grade Teacher, Durant Road Middle School, NC, USA

Discovery Education’s reading passages provide my students with accurate, understandable, and easily accessible information about topics we are studying. They can be easily added to my content, shared to students, printed, and listened to.

47. Interactive Modules (PLC Resource)

DENnis Grice Technology Coach, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China

Want to be better? Who doesn’t? Go to Learn & Lead for the Interactive Modules. They do more than just show you how to use Discovery Education services. Use them to learn how to integrate technology into your lessons and learn new, more engaging ways to teach. I found the FLIPped Classroom and Student Experience modules to be especially helpful.

48. Collage (SOS)

LeAnn Simmerman Teacher of the Gifted, Maury County Public Schools, TN, USA

The SOS Collage allows me to engage students from the very beginning of a topic, as they use critical thinking skills to connect prior knowledge with images to make predictions. Students claim victory when their predictions are confirmed, and use their unconfirmed predictions as launching pads for extended research or future projects.

49. Discovery Education Online Groups (DEN Online Community)

Susie Throop STEM Coach, West Side Elementary, Marietta City Schools, GA, USA

As an academic coach, I am continually looking for great ideas and resources for my K-5 teachers. The first place I check is the Science Techbook group in the DEN Online Community. I find so many great ideas for teaching science, using the Techbook, and best practices there. I know that if I post a question or need help with something, I will find answers within a very short period of time.

50. Challenge Based Learning Educational Partner Programs (PLC Resource)

Francie Snyder Educator of the Gifted, School District of Manatee County, FL, USA

In our Gifted Laboratory, we use many inquiry-based frameworks. Our favorite is Challenge Based Learning (CBL).  The Educational Partners’ Challenges, such as 3M Young Scientist Challenge, The Red Nose Day Challenge, and several others, give us well laid out guidelines and amazing resources that support the CBL process beautifully.

51. My Content (DE Features)

Jan Abernethy 5th Grade Science Teacher, East Elementary School, PA, USA

When I find a resource I want to use in my classroom, I save it to My Content, where I have all of my favorite media organized in folders by subject, then by topic. I add and subtract to my collection every year when I find something new, which saves time because I don’t have to search for my favorites year after year.

52. Take A Walk (SOS)

Beth Matusiewicz Kindergarten Classroom Teacher, North Lakeland School, WI, USA

Take A Walk helps stimulate creativity and increase retention of content. Students move and talk about the subject, which allows them to create deeper connections with the material. This is a great strategy for any grade level and subject, as a formative assessment, repeated practice for mastery, or an end of unit review.

53. TGR EDU Educational Partner Program (PLC Resource)

Jessica Donaldson Pre-Engineering Teacher, Cane Bay Middle School, SC, USA

The Digital Exploration lesson provided by TGR EDU: Explore allows me to connect my students to innovative careers in STEM. Teams of students get to explore the link between the science of the natural world and the creativity of engineering design!

54. On This Day (DE Feature)

Kelli Recher 5th and 6th Grade Science Teacher, Marshall Math Science Academy, PA, USA

I like using On This Day with my students during homeroom. I love how it incorporates a variety of subject areas and topics that we wouldn’t normally get to discuss in science class. Each entry has an image and a short paragraph about the topic and has additional resources in case students would like to delve deeper.

55. Skill Builders (Digital Media Asset)

Anne LeBlanc 4th Grade Teacher, Bel Ayr Elementary School, NS, Canada

Interactive skill builders allow students to have fun while learning. In the 12 Animal Universe habitats skill builders, students predict which animals live in the given habitat. Correct answers generate text bubbles and videos showing how the animal moves in its natural habitat. Students learn by reading, listening, viewing and moving the mouse – something to appeal to every student!

56. Yes, No, Maybe So (SOS)

Dacia Jones STEM Consultant, NC, USA

Modeling how to make decisions based on evidence is important for all students. Using Yes, No, Maybe So gives students the opportunity to take a stand with confidence or take time to gather more information. I use Yes, No, Maybe So when teaching scientific explanations, historical context, and mathematical application. This SOS can lead to great debates.

57. Hidden Gems (DEN Online Community)

Heather James 6th Grade Math Teacher, Ellerbe Middle School, NC, USA

A DEN member recently posted about the Professional Learning Toolkits which have terrific resources for sharing about Discovery Education. I am very excited about finding this golden nugget and I will be using these resources this school year.

58. Four to One (SOS)

Cecilia Wilburn-Davis 5th Grade Teacher, Newington Elementary School, SC, USA

I am constantly searching for ways to empower students to direct their own learning. Four to One gets them thinking about and discussing content with an alacrity that makes teaching and learning so enjoyable. Try it next time you introduce new content to activate prior knowledge and let students practice writing, speaking, and listening skills!

59. #DENchat (PLC Resource)

Mark Case High School Science Teacher, Southern Guilford High School, NC, USA

Every Thursday night, I learn with my global PLN through #DENchat on Twitter. Community members share perspectives on topics including assessments, digital citizenship, learning environments, and diversity through Twitter-based discussions. I always walk away with ideas and strategies for leading and learning.

60. Audio Books (Digital Media Asset)

Julie Elfred Computing Team Leader Teacher, Christ Church C of E School, Surrey, UK

I use Audio Books as a learning station activity at the “distilling” station. They provide the opportunity for all students to access the books regardless of reading ability. I often use them with the SOS strategy XO Let’s Go to encourage the students to pay close attention to the text in order to win the point.

61. Login as Student (DE Features)

Danielle Williams High School Science Teacher, E. A. Laney High School, NC, USA

I absolutely love the ‘login as student’ feature in Classroom Manager: it allows me to easily track student progress and also see exactly what my students see as they use Discovery Education resources.

62. Interactive Virtual Labs (Digital Media Asset)

Chelsea Murray Campus Instructional Technology Specialist, Lamar CISD, TX, USA

The Discovery Education Skill Builder: Virtual Labs are a lifesaver in the science classroom. By using a virtual lab, students are able to perform labs they might otherwise not be able to do (e.g., looking inside a cell). The virtual labs give students a hands-on experience complete with data, analysis, and conclusions. Plus…cleanup is a breeze!

63. 321 Pyramid (SOS)

Suzanne Brooks Digital Learning Coach, White Knoll Middle School, SC, USA

321 Pyramid is a quick activity that provides a snapshot of student learning. Students respond to a video, reading, discussion, or lecture ?by sketching (on paper or with a digital tool)? a pyramid divided into 3 cross-sections and adding 3 facts on the bottom, 2 reasons ?the topic is important in the middle, and a summary sentence at the top.

64. DEN Online Community (DE Features)

Carrie Willis Technology Teacher & Director, Valley Preparatory School, CA, USA

The DEN Online Community is a place for educators from all over the world to connect with each other. The DEN community is famous for its selfless love of sharing ideas, resources, and giving educators a safe place to ask questions. Create your profile and join a group, so you can LEARN, SHARE and CONNECT with us.  

65. Interactive Games (Digital Media Asset)

Karen Ogen Assistant Administrator, Caughman Road Elementary, SC, USA

Games provide an engaging and different way for students to explore and learn about content. Our digital learners choose to play Discovery Education’s Interactive Games to extend their learning both in school and at home.

66. PMI (SOS)

Kim Rovitelli 6th Grade ELA Teacher, East Irondequoit Middle School, NY, USA

We use PMI to evaluate, make connections, and determine important details. PMI provides a structure for brainstorming as we consider text or multimedia. Students make decisions by clearly analyzing the PLUS, MINUS, and INTERESTING aspects of a topic to develop strong positions with evidence to support their thinking.

67. STEM Siemens Day (PLC Resource)

Patti Grammens Retired Science and Coding Teacher, GA, USA

Siemens and Discovery Education bring teachers and students amazing resources! There are hundreds of quality, standards-based lessons. Everyone can learn about exciting STEM careers. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity: Visit Siemens STEM day today!

68. Expanding Your PLC Globally (DEN Online Community)

Emy Aultman Media Specialist, G.O. Bailey Primary School, GA, USA

Before I discovered the DEN community, I was limited to connecting with educators in my district. Now that I’m active in the DEN community, in DE and on Facebook and Twitter, I have connected with educators from the U.S. and other countries! I love that I can ask questions and get answers or just share the celebrations in the classroom.

69. Picture It! (SOS)

Jennifer Cucchiarelli 1st Grade Teacher, Weston Elementary, WI, USA

I use the SOS: Picture It! to help my students develop interest in and understanding of a topic. Students sort pictures using their own criteria and share their reasoning. In social studies, for example, students create their own sort for pictures of traditions. During discussion, the students often have additional questions that extend the learning.

70. Historical Speeches Audio Files (Digital Media Asset)

Jeff Burr Social Studies Teacher, Pine Lake Preparatory School, NC, USA

My classes enjoy using audio speeches to determine historical context and to dive deeper into audience role play. We interpret and synthesize the content and context of the speech to make historical connections.

71. Assignment Builder (DE Features)

Traci Belt Director of The Learning Center, Shorecrest Private Schools, FL, USA

I use Assignment Builder to preselect websites, video clips, images, and more for my students. Assignments built for students in advance focuses the students’ searches and saves them time when they are researching in class.

72. They Said What? (SOS)

Cathy Daniel Teacher-Librarian, Panorama Park Elementary, BC, Canada

I love to read to my students and have them predict what is about to happen. With the SOS strategy They Said What?, I can stop a story when the action is rising and have students discuss what the characters are saying and how their dialogue will impact what happens next. They love to share their ideas and defend them based on context clues and then compare them to what happens in the original story.

73. Learning Guides (Digital Media Asset)

Lisa Thompson Instructional Coach, Union County Schools, NC, USA

I encourage high school English teachers to use the Learning Guides with their students as a way to assist students in better understanding the novels that they are reading. Search for “Learning Guides” and click on Text to see what is available.

74. Sharing Your Passion (DEN Online Community)

Letitia Walters Competency Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools, WI, USA

The DEN Online Community allows me to collaborate with educators I might not otherwise meet: discovering a common passion for creating content; getting to know people around the world who may need an ear, an encouraging word, or some (((hug love))); or getting expert technology advice and peer coaching.

75. Graphic Organizers (Digital Media Asset)

Leslie Pope K-5 Curriculum Coach, Johnston County Public Schools, NC, USA

Discovery Education’s Graphic Organizers help students organize their thoughts before, during, or after a lesson or activity. With a large assortment to choose from, teachers and students can find an organizer to best suit their needs.

76. Newsletters and Community Updates (PLC Resources)

Carolyn Rains 3rd Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher, G.O. Bailey Primary School, GA, USA

The newsletters allow me to keep up with the awesome educators that are part of the DEN. They’re what got me involved. Each week, I got the newsletter and read it from top to bottom. I decided these were the people I wanted to join in my quest to reach students. It’s a decision I have never regretted.

77. Songs (Digital Media Asset)

Peter Panico 5th Grade Teacher, Rama Road Elementary, NC, USA

Students learn in multiple ways. I use catchy content-related songs and have students sing along and create their own kinesthetic movements to support the topics they are learning. For instance, when singing about evaporation, they wiggle their fingers and raise their arms to explain water vapor.

78. Make it Concrete (SOS)

Audra Barton 5th Grade Science and ELA Teacher, Sea Gate Elementary, FL, USA

The SOS Make It Concrete helps students visualize and cement new information. First, they watch a video clip and only listen. Then, after watching the clip a second time, students draw an outline of a shape that comes to mind from what they have learned. Finally, they write down facts they can recall inside the shape to solidify their learning.

79. Hashtags (DEN Online Community)

Tiffany Mumm Artistic Technology Teacher, Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, FL, USA

I use hashtags in the DEN Community to link topics that I post. When people do a search, the listings with the same hashtags will appear in the results.

80. The Question Is (SOS)

Marc Foster 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher, Boyd Middle School, TX, USA

I use this strategy to help my students practice their higher order thinking skills. I post an answer and students review skills or practice skills by creating questions (equations) that result in that answer. Students show mastery and get to think outside of the box.

81. Vocabulary Quadrants (SOS)

Stefanie Guffey Language Arts & AP Seminar Teacher, Franklin Regional School District, PA, USA

Vocabulary squares help my students define both academic and content-specific vocabulary and also provide a visualization component, which enables students to better commit the vocabulary to functional memory.

82. New This Month (DE Features)

Kristin Magee Elementary Gifted and Talented Teacher, Carolina Springs Elementary, SC, USA

I’m always looking for new digital resources to keep my students engaged and excited. “New This Month” is where I find new Discovery videos, images, reading passages, and other streaming content. The resources are grouped by elementary, middle, and high school, so I can find materials that are appropriate for my students.

83. Professional Learning Spotlight (PLC Resources)

Cheryl Woolwine ESE Technology Specialist, Putnam County Schools, FL, USA

When teachers need a reminder about how to use a DE resource, I point them to the PD Spotlight! It allows them to review resources at their leisure and even in their PJs. Teachers love always having it available to them!

84. Builder Tools (DE Features)

Ashanti L. Jackson Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies, Turner Elementary School, LA, USA

I love Assignment Builder in Builder Tools, especially when paired with Science Techbook. It allows my students to review our whole group lesson and provides me with pre-constructed activities to assess student understanding!

85. Can You Guess My 2 -1-4 (SOS)

Cathy Houchin Music Teacher, Webster Elementary School, WI, USA

I love using SOS strategies in my classroom because they engage all students. The strategy 2-4-1 asks students to analyze 2 facts, 4 pictures, and 1 sound effect and decide what they have in common which results in great discussions.

86. Current Events Planner (DE Features)

Mary Anne Jezierski Middle School Social Studies Teacher, St. Bernadette School, MA, USA

I use the Current Events Banner to help my international students understand and make sense of current events in English. These short blurbs make speaking about relevant news much easier for them.

87. Inquiry Chart (I-Chart) (SOS)

Sarah Horner Grade 8 Technology Lead Teacher, Clearmeadow Public School, ON, Canada

I use Inquiry Charts to help students compare and contrast research information they are gathering from different sources. We use a shared Google doc so everyone can contribute by adding thoughts, questions, and information.

88. Hot Topics – Inquiry (PLC Resource)

Nicole Quick Instructional Technology Coach, Eastridge High School, NY, USA

The strategies in the Inquiry Learning section of Hot Topics help teachers use the 5E model of instruction to promote higher level and critical thinking skills. SOS strategies that support the 5Es are easily linked. Some teachers in my school have even used this model to create differentiated learning stations for their students.

89. QuickList (DE Features)

Joquetta Johnson Library Media Specialist, Randallstown High School, MD, USA

I use the QuickList to curate SOS, content, and resources for teachers. QuickLists are also great for facilitating professional development: It’s like bookmarking your favorites.

90. Snowball Fight (SOS)

Dawn Huston Instructional Technology Facilitator, Daniel Webster Magnet School, NY, USA

The month of December is the perfect time of year to use the Snowball Fight SOS!! During a 4th grade lesson, my students watched a video about the flag of New York. Each group wrote down an interesting fact and then tossed their snowball. The students had fun and no one was cold!

91. RAD Lands in School (PLC Resource)

Karie Huttner K-5 Educational Technology Coach, Verona Area School District, WI, USA

One of my favorite resources is Discovery’s Corporate Educational Partnerships Virtual Field Trips.

Chipotle partnered with the team behind Yo Gabba Gabba and DE to educate kids about where their food comes from and how it is prepared. Check  it out for lesson resources, virtual field trips and more to engage students in the importance of choosing fresh, real food and caring for our environment.

92. Badges and Ribbons (DEN Online Community)

Jennipher Eisenstein Instructional Design Facilitator – Science, Garland Independent School District, TX, USA

The badges and ribbons earned in the DEN Online Community are a fun way to track all of the events and activities that you have taken part in with DE. Clicking on a badge or ribbon reveals other community members that have the badge and allows you to add them to your contacts.

93. Fold Draw Learn (SOS)

Denise Henry-Orndorff Instructional Technology Resource Coach, Shenandoah County Public Schools, VA, USA

To help with vocabulary development, try the SOS strategy Fold, Draw, Learn, which encourages students to focus on one pre-selected word during a video and then pair up for a drawing activity. This activity works well for any vocabulary, including math terms.

94. Activity Feed (DE Features)

Caitlin Arakawa Kindergarten Teacher, Valley Preparatory School, CA, USA

The activity feed gives me quick bursts of inspiration and constant reminders of ideas and activities out there! I can see topics DEN members are talking about, updated resources, and content that is trending and popular, then I can scroll through these short blurbs to get new ideas.

95. Tweet Tweet (SOS)

Martha Snider History Teacher and Site Technology Lead, Christa McAuliffe Middle School, CA, USA

For complex topics, I have my 8th grade students use Tweet, Tweet to sift through information, determine importance, and have discussions. Tweet, Tweet has become a popular “no tech” strategy in our district. Secondary students use hashtags, and PreK-2 students use pictures and sight words.

96. Newsletters and Community Updates (PLC Resource)

Lesley Cummins Principal, Cochiti Elementary School, NM, USA

The newsletters and community updates provide a framework for generating awareness about Discovery Education and communicating about resources and opportunities. We use them during staff meetings to support teacher planning and collaboration.

97. Paper Slides (SOS)

Chris Layton Vice Principal, Jefferson Middle School, TN, USA

Allowing students to design, innovate, collaborate, produce, and communicate through Paper Slides is an absolute game changer! You create a successful assessment that is student-driven, student-centered, memorable, and highly effective.

98. Text-Activity (DE Features)

Sandy Swartz Instructional Technology Trainer, Covington Education Center, LA, USA

Discovery Education’s Text-Activities provide educators with a variety of resources to use before, during, or after a lesson to help students at all grade levels understand and analyze a variety of types of text. Text-activities include videos, images, articles, strategies, and read along resources to accommodate all students.

99. Virtual Reality (PLC Resource)

Judy Uhrig Media Coordinator, Mount Tabor High School, NC, USA

Virtual Reality is an exciting way to immerse your students in 3D video, and many topics found in DE are supported with VR. You can download the Discovery VR App onto a smartphone and view the videos using Google cardboard or other inexpensive VR viewers. I keep several of these in my Media Center for student and teacher use.

100. Scrambled Please (SOS)

Kimberly Dawn Wilson First Grade Teacher, AJ Whittenberg Elementary, SC, USA

My first graders used Scrambled Please, with partners and in stations, to learn the steps used to solve addition story problems. They unscrambled the steps and then solved the story problem. The students then used Seesaw to record themselves reading the steps and describing how they solved the problem.


Martha Rougeux Instructional Coach, Harrisburg School District, PA, USA

Sometimes the simplest strategy is the most effective. AEIOU gives all your students a meaningful way to engage in a class discussion, and it works with videos, audio files, images, or any digital content.