DE Streamathon

This year’s streamathon featured presentations by all your favorite members of the DEN team, from Hall Davidson to Lance Rougeux, and each of our expert DEN Account Managers. They shared a series of information-packed sessions on how to integrate the newest online technologies used by today’s media-savvy students into classroom instruction.

Most of the presentations were successfully archived and are available for you to view, learn from and share with your colleagues. Downloads are available in high resolution, with file sizes ranging from 100-200MB.

Many thanks to over 2000 educators that participated in this year’s Streamathon!

streamathon 2008 Schedule

9 AM (Justin Karkow)
DE streaming 101 – New content, new features, same great product!
Not archived

10 AM (Dennis Swain)
Taking it to the Next Level – Teacher Center Tools

11 AM (Lance Rougeux)
The ABCs (and D) of Free Professional Development from Discovery Education

12 PM (Jannita Demian)
Can You Hear Me Now? Audio files in DE streaming

1 PM (Steve Dembo)
Five Profoundly Spectacular and Amazing Web 2.0 Tools to Use with DE streaming

2 PM (Brad Fountain)
50 Ways to use DE streaming

3 PM (Mike Bryant)
Frame-by-Frame: A Movie Integration Story

4 PM (Brad Fountain)
WOW! You can do that with DE streaming and PowerPoint?

5 PM (Matt Monjan)
Geekybird Presents: Answers to the Top Five FAQs about DE streaming
Not archived

6 PM (Joe Brennan)
Digital Storytelling Resources in DE streaming

7 PM (Hall Davidson)
Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video and Two Things You Did

8 PM (Lance Rougeux)
State of the DEN – News, Updates and Top Secret Announcements for 2008-2009
Not archived


  1. Cindy Wallace said:

    This will be our first time to participate. Do you have tips and suggestions of how to share the streamathon with other teachers? Should it be in the workroom, library, my classroom? Could it show on a television or just the computer screen?

  2. Linda said:

    I wish this was on a Saturday when I could take part.

    I have 15 min. in the a.m., 30 at lunch (if lucky) and can’t really join in until after school.

  3. Kristin Hokanson said:

    Linda it is fine to join in after school. See if you can get someone to set up in a lab so that you CAN just pop in for 15 or 30 minutes. That is what many teachers have done in the past.

  4. kathleen Marshall said:

    I too would like to know if these sessions will be archived? Not only do I have a 4 hr daily commute – partially by ferry boat – but I’m teaching full time and working on my National Boards – help out those of us who are surely mentally unbalanced!

  5. Cathy Dickerson said:

    Any adjustments for those of us who will have some attendees in Pacific Time Zone? Is registration limited in any way, or can our subscribers participate from their schools?

  6. Suzanne Bond said:

    Please let me know where they will be archived…the link would be useful.

  7. Valerie Stout said:

    Please let me know where I can find the archived articles too! I am just starting with United Streaming and am wanting to absorb as much info as possible, but I coach and teach a full day too. Thanks

  8. Dan Easley said:

    Not only am I teaching all day but am attending a late afternoon workshop. So between teravel, teaching, and the workshop I only have ability to see one or two sessions. What are we to do? Please advise.

  9. Joanne said:

    Would love to learn from many of these topics but that particular day is bad for my schedule. Can we view these at a later date or better yet have them available through video?

  10. Kristi Bush said:

    Justin Karkow did a fabulous job! There are some truly amazing updates to an already amazing product. I look forward to more info on the archives!

  11. Shannon Wentworth said:

    What a wonderful way to share the benefits and resources of Discovery Education. My schedule is open enough today that I can enjoy 3 of the morning sessions. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with the rest of my staff. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  12. Jana Baxter said:

    This is great ~ I am able to stay logged in for the entire day. So many new ideas already to share with local educators.

  13. Dana Houseman said:

    1st time, Love it. No a/v problems with the streamathon here. I’m really loving all the features I’ve learned about. Now I am looking forward to using some of the archives to review and then looking forward to teaching the teachers and firing them up about using these great tools to engage their students.

  14. Laurie said:

    I’m learning so much from the Stream-a-Thon this morning. As a part time teacher, this is my day “off” so I can learn all day as I have no teaching responsibilities today. Our ITC had mentioned the assignment and quiz builder to our staff before. Now that I have seen these tools in action, I can hardly wait to dive in. Thanks!

  15. Sheila Taylor said:

    I would love to explore the possibility of rolling out a program offering K-12 Educational Service Center members a special package price for Discovery Education. The great content and upgrades are so helpful, we need to get the information about Discovery Education out to teachers right away! Please contact me next week — Sept. 29th or 30th. Thanks!

  16. Jennifer Jensen said:

    Enjoyed Justin’s session this morning before heading in to school.

    I will be leading a 9 hour session on DEstreaming in my district beginning next week. I appreciated the quick overview of the new features rolled out this summer – these will be important to share with participants.

    One of my favorites is the enhanced Curriculum/Standards Search.

    Thanks for a great day!

  17. Mona Effler said:

    I am very happy to learn about the content controlled student access. I hope to learn more as the day goes by. Thanks!

  18. Brenda Gentry said:

    I am glad that theses sessions are being archived also. Where can we find them on Monday?

  19. Pam Shoemaker said:

    Thank you for providing such great professional development and resources! I’ve tuned into a couple of the sessions and have discovered new resources that I am able to share with teachers in my district. You all are also doing a great job explaining about the DEN and why teachers should become involved!

  20. Jana Baxter said:

    Another great presentation by Lance! Thank you Lance for always providing timely information!

  21. ldaughrity said:

    I have missed everyone since school started. It is so great to be back in “School” with you guys. I am enjoying all of the information and chatting in the chat window. After two weeks with no school and no power here in Houston, it is nice to feel like I am getting back into the swing of things! I look forward to learning alot today.

  22. judy murray said:

    I am enjoying the webinar- I have been up since it came on – I am using two computers today so I work and stay part of the webinar at the same time.

    Very anxious to share- the assignment builder with my teachers.

  23. John Phillips said:

    Wonderful session by Lance! I love to show teachers how to use Streaming for PD! I have lots of my staff converted!

  24. Kelly Terwilliger said:

    This is great! I have to do professional development for 150 teachers on October 6. Our district is new to DEN and am finding all today’s resources invaluable! I will definitely be looking at the archives of the webinars.

  25. Nicole Gray said:

    WOW…it’s only noon and I already have soooo much new info about DE streaming – interactive Atlas, tons of resources and handouts for Professional Development and much, much more!! Justin did a great overview and Dennis rocked the builders…and last (but not least) Lance did his amazing job as always!
    Gotta run to a school…but I can’t wait for the rest of the streamathon sessions! Great Job, Discovery!!

  26. Allison Novotarski said:

    This is great! I cannot wait to share it with our teachers along with the Podcasting, wiki, and bloging workshops I offer.

  27. Gena Price said:

    Getting great feedback from educators in our district. We are sending across our video network to all buildings!

    Great job Discovery!

  28. Lori said:

    Wow – I learn so much from these webinars. Wish I could spend the whole day here, but unfortunately I have classes I need to teach, but want to keep learning. And the chat with my PLN is just as important as the presenter slides.

  29. Lori Abrahams said:

    Can’t wait to get my students access and have my teachers using assignment builder. Learned some new ideas on the streamathon today.

  30. Karen Bosch said:

    I am enjoying watching this in between classes. After school I have invited the teachers into the lab to watch. I am luring them in with treats to eat as they watch!

  31. Lisa McCulloch said:

    This is great! Invited my teachers, but so far, none have shown. However, that means that I can present this same info and they will think I am brilliant!! Thanks.

  32. Laura Cummings said:

    The webinars have been very helpful from two points-of-view! First, what I’m learning about Discovery and the vast resources it provides for education and second, what I am learning about using webinars to deliver professional development. Thanks for doing these sessions!

  33. Judith Valle said:

    I love the streamathon I always use DE streaming and love training my teachers at my campus and district. This is the first time I try at at my campus and it is great

  34. Eric Strommer said:

    Love Jannita’s session. I never thought to add sounds to a Power Point with sounds from the internet to enhance words. Cool.
    I will have to go back and see the Audacity stuff again. I REALLY need to have students do some podcasts!

  35. Eileen Wesley said:

    This streamathon is just great. Especially useful to me was the Professional Development Hour. I can’t wait to share with the rest of my faculty

  36. Lori said:

    So if I use just my first name my comment doesn’t need to be moderated? That is wierd

    Lori Abrahams

  37. Brenda said:

    Great information… I would like to do this again. Next time I will invite others to sit in.

  38. Barb said:

    Great Web 2.0 workshop! I am enjoying the Streamathon – can’t wait to learn more 🙂

  39. Kevin Willson said:

    The streamathon has been a great professional development opportunity. Wish more of the teachers in our building had the time to watch.

    The Web 2.0 session was one of my favorite.

  40. Paula Marini said:

    Great event! I’ve been jotting down prof. dev. workshop ideas as we go along. So many wonderful ways to add pizzazz to your teaching and student learning. Definitely focuses on 21st century learning.

  41. Judy Uhrig said:

    I have learned so much for my first Discovery Education presentation at the North Carolina School Library Association Conference next month!

  42. ldaughrity said:

    Husband taking kids out today to allow me some quite time: $25

    Hurricane Ike : $50 Million dollars

    Having the day off to go to the Discovery Streamathon: Priceless

  43. Janetta Garton said:

    So glad I made time to listen to Steve’s Web2.0 presentation. I did not know that all the images on DES were public domain. That is so powerful. Our teachers are going to be so pleased.

  44. Debra Lindner said:

    I just started using the Teacher Center features last year. I started setting up assignments with quizzes. I love letting the kids experience the information and then tell me what they’ve learned and what they have found to be most interesting! All of the information so far was very interestin; however, I found the information about the tutorials and training information MOST HELPFUL!! I perform most of our district’s technology professional development and I can use these resources for future trainings! Thanks!!

  45. Glenda Jenkins said:

    The streamathon has been great. I’ve had it on since 7:30 am Central time. Jannita’s audacity lessons were great and using the images from streaming. I’m anxious to checkout the Ostube that Steve mentioned. Can’t wait to see all the other sessions. THANKS

  46. Nancy Porter said:

    The Streamathon was/is fantastic. I have a year’s worth of PD workshops and we are only halfway through! Thank you all so much for sharing.

  47. Allison said:

    Streamathon has been wonderful so far. Brad’s Powerpoint lesson on embedding video was really helpful. I have gleaned many good ideas.

  48. judy murray said:

    I am on overload- I have been on all day.
    I have been using 2 computers all day- so I could monitor and work at the same time. I have not been very successful working because I keep leaving my work and going to websites or trying things that I see. I know I have missed lots because I get busy trying something and the webinar goes on. Can’t wait for the archives.

  49. Melinda Tilley said:

    This streamathon is truly amazing. There have been so many great resources,tips, and tricks shared – a BIG THANKS to all who have generously shared their expertise and knowledge with us to make us better educators:)

    Thanks so much!!

  50. Kirsten Innes said:

    What a fabulous day of training!! I have learned so much! I have had it on all day and can catch bits and pieces in between-and during- my classes! Thank you so much!!
    Can’t wait for the next one! How about once a month streamathons?! 🙂

  51. Eddy said:

    Very, very good!!! I have been with you for six hours so far and intend to stay til closing time and maybe pick you up after I get home. I appreciate your effort in this. Everyone that presented was truly professional throughout. I would suggest that you do this in the summer (if you don’t) so that ALL teachers could listen and possibly receive local professional development hours.

  52. Jennifer Parker-Moore said:

    This was amazing! We at MISD are one of the hosts for the Virtual Fall Conference on October 25th – I am hoping many of these sessions are offered again. Hats off to the presenters – timely information for the beginning of the school year. Can’t wait to try (as well as train) some of it!

  53. Jacqui Derby said:

    This is my first time taking part in the streamathon and I have learned so much! I am addicted! I am glad to see that you are introducing the resources at Discovery Education as well as sites such as cueprompter, Glogster, Dipity and Moviemasher. These are valuable resources to learn about.

  54. Paula said:

    I have learned so much and also enjoyed experiencing the technology. Will tune in again later 🙂 Thanks

  55. Lori said:

    Can’t wait to hear about all the new DEN promotions, will go back and watch the archives of the sessions I missed.

    Lori Abrahams

  56. Gena Price said:

    Everyone is leaving for the day, but I enjoyed sharing this with all across our district. Thanks so much – great job! Now I’m going home to sign in!


  57. Ken said:

    Wish I could have attended more, but excellent work on what I did see. Thanks and can’t wait for the next one

  58. Jacqui Derby said:

    I am amazed at how well everyone is recovering from technicial difficulities. Questions are being answered and everything keeps moving. This is a good model for others who are streaming.

  59. Hank Caruso said:

    Time well spent. Drove my students nuts today. Theyu could hear a voice an wondered where and who it was.

    Hope I can stay to the end. have a PTA meeting tonight faculty must attend..Yea!!!

  60. Andrea Townsend said:

    Thanks for this whole day of goodies. I tuned in for the whole day and listened in between teaching art classes. The kids were interested in seeing how teachers learn new things through Webinars.

    I’ll sign in at home for the evening sessions and can’t wait to download some of the PowerPoints to enhance lessons I’ve started.

  61. Heather Hurley said:

    Thanks so much for another great day with the DEN. I’ve already planned 3 workshops in my head based on what I’ve learned today. It was also great to chat with so many DEN members from around the country. I think you showed the power of the DEN. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have lots of new STARs by the end of the week. I’m off to a baseball game but I can’t wait for the archives. Enjoy the rest of the streamathon

  62. Debra Lindner said:

    Brad’s presentation on PowerPoint was amazing! The “w” and “b” to whiteout and blackout the screen will definitely come in handy. I played with PowerPoint on my desktop while watching the webinar on my laptop and was able to insert a scrolling question and embed the windows media player. Extremely helpful information!!

  63. Meg Griffin said:

    I wasn’t really able to tune in until after school but so far it has been awesome. I read the earlier comments and have to see what Jannita did about audacity and PPT.
    DEN rocks…and rules!!

  64. Lori Reed said:

    What an amazing day learning from the masters! Thanks for all the great PD today.
    I listened most of the day at school and am now at home hoping to finish the streamathon. Keep the good stuff coming!

  65. Joanne Troutner said:

    What a stupendous PD opportunity! I have learned so much and can’t wait for the archives.


  66. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    Once again I was not disappointed from the DEN! I cannot believe how much I have learned since I have been part of the DEN. I cannot even fathom how I got along without the DEN!

  67. Dana Mack said:

    Incredible information. Good thing we have the next two weeks off so I can sort through some of it!

  68. Linda Rush said:

    My staff really enjoyed learning about the controls in Media Player. I had the stream-a-thon on all day during school. Excellent professional development!

  69. Heidi Burri said:

    WOW!! I have been on since 6:30 am PST. Unfortunately without sound some of the time. This is the first time I’ve done this at our site (LodiMiddle School). I set up the computer lab and now have tranferred to the library. It has been great having the teachers come in all day to get aquainted with DE. Keep up the great work!!

  70. Maryann Molishus said:

    I’ve been listening throughout the day and have been jotting down notes about a variety of things – tips, links, etc. It was also a day for my new students to get used to “people talking on the computer.” It will be no big deal to them soon – But I did have it on mute most of the day – I really was teaching today!!!!!

  71. Linda Michael said:

    Wow! I can’t believe I have learned so much in just a few hours. Can’t wait to check out the sessions that I missed earlier in the day. We should do this more often.

  72. Esther Sherizen said:

    What an amazing day! I had this streaming all day in the media center in the elementary school that I teach at. My new para pro. sat in awe of all the ideas that were passed on today. Now I am at home, in the comforts of, enjoying the expertise of Hall. I love the ideas of my other educators in the chat section. Next year, I will encourage all teachers at the school to stop in the media center where this will be playing all day! Kudos to Steve for a job well done, as usual!!

  73. James Stewart said:

    I am very grateful to DEN for providing such great Professional Development opportunities! The video tips by Hal were great! Looking forward to more, when will Ian Jukes be on? DEN is the best PLC!

  74. Tracie Belt said:

    I got to see three sessions today. I loved them all. I am enjoying Hall’s presentation right now. However, I had to miss several sessions that I really wanted to see. Hopefully, I will be able to get to them soon on the archives. Thanks so much for the streamathon.

  75. Conni Mulligan said:

    Hall Davidson was extreme as usual. Lots of great info to be able to use tomorrow!!

  76. kari harris said:

    I’ve learned a lot today, but am still looking forward to review this info on the blogs. Thanks so much for giving us a wealth of information in such a “short” time! I was able to stay with you a total of 5 hours, give or take:)

  77. ldaughrity said:

    So, is the third time the charm. I am posting a third DEN Rocks comment shooting for that BAG. Have been on all day… sorry Justin I missed yours:(.

  78. Paula Jaenichen said:

    I only missed 3 hours due to packing up my house to move. I learned a lot that I plan to implement as soon as I can. I would like to see if you could make the presentations downloadable.

    Thanks. Great job to all presenters!!!!

  79. Becky Reaves said:

    I was able to see 3 sessions today. I enjoyed them and feel that I will be able to use much of what I learned. I will be checking out the archives to fill in the gaps and check out some of what I missed.

  80. Suzanne Wesp said:

    There is always something new to learn. I loved being able to tap in anytime today and check in with you guys.

  81. Beth Weeks said:

    I wish I could have shown this to my teachers… however… we were getting ready for open house today…. but the presentations have been awesome!!!

  82. Angela said:

    Enjoyed the parts I could attend today! Best professional learning I have had all year!

  83. Lynn Buckelew said:

    It was very informative. I will really need to go back and look at the site again. I am a little slow.

  84. Stephanie Patzin said:

    Have all of these sessions been recorded? If so, where will I find them? This has been an awesome, inspiring day!!!
    Thank you to everyone!

  85. Jenn Kiddle said:

    The information was great!!! I wish I could have spent all day listening but had to actually teach today! 🙂 It would be great if it was on a weekend!!!

  86. Patti Duncan said:

    WOW! That is about all that I can say. NOTHING can beat this 12 hours of PD! I REALLY appreciate all that Discovery does for the sake of helping those of us in Education “fuel the fire”… I have NEVER been dissapointed, and I doubt that I ever will! THANKS

  87. Suzanne Wesp said:

    Can’t wait for the archives. Couldn’t write that fast and read the chat window and pay attention to the presentation at the same time.

  88. Emma Haygood said:

    I had the streamathon showing on my Promethean board all day. My students learned just as much as I did – especially from Steve’s session. DEN Rocks!!!

  89. Kevin Willson said:

    Hall Davidson’s presentation was great. Learned lots of great new things that I could do with video.

  90. Cindy Wallace said:

    Loved DE Stream-a-thon. We shared in the teacher workroom all day via the big flatscreen tv. Had snacks and prizes and learned tons! Thank you for a great PD experience.

  91. Wendy Liska said:

    Wow! What a wonderful 12 hours! I really appreciate the opportunity to get so much professional development in an easy to do manner. I loved that the day had a bit of everything. I have super simple things that I can show my teachers to use to much more advanced ideas for those who are really willing to be creative. It is so nice to begin with something like Discovery Streaming that we pay for and see so many different ways to encourage teachers and students to really use it. I love the integration of so many of the Web2.0 tools! Thank you for a wonderful day. Looking forward to the archives so I can “replay” what came so fast and furious today!

  92. Aimee said:

    This is my first time to attend a streaming webAthon and I can’t wait for many more to come! Very informative, entertaining, and useful! Great job!


  93. patricia wilson said:

    Here at Albertville Elementary today we have really enjoyed this streamathon!

  94. Bonnie Dilling said:

    WOW! I’m just learning about web 2.0 as I have I guess been in a cave for the last three years. I had 2 boys (3 and 1) and didn’t realize all the stuff that has become available. I have been listening during this afternoon and throughout this evening. I’m thrilled with what I have learned…powerpoint ( I thought I was pretty fluent), web 2.0 ideas, movie maker. I can’t wait to go back into the archive and see what I have missed from today. I have been participating in the monthly ed tech connect webinars and have enjoyed them. I didn’t know discovery education offered so much. I can’t wait to learn more.

  95. Eric Strommer said:

    Head …ready…to….blowwwww.

    No not yet. I will need to review all the sessions to get everything that I missed. Maybe then.
    I LOVE THE DEN! Thanks for having this event again.

  96. Peggy Wood said:

    Totally awesome day today. Have been on all day (except for the drive home!) With two machines going at once, I could investigate many of the topics as they were introduced. I learned so many tips & tricks to share with teachers. And, MARYLAND will soon be have their own Leadership Council…so good to hear!

  97. Kevin Willson said:

    The website updates are fantastic. Can’t wait to share with the other teachers in my district–as well as recruit those new stars!

  98. Dana Houseman said:

    I was here most of the day, and am glad that I put the task list aside to make time for the Streamathon! Looking forward to working with teachers to get them all on board!

  99. Kevin Willson said:

    Keep the weekly updates coming. Its a great way to remind busy teachers not to forget about the DEN!

  100. Susan said:

    Thanks for all the work you have done for the Streamathon. I was able to attend about 4 hours and learned a lot to pass on to the teachers at my school.

  101. Nicole Gray said:

    The streamathon was truly fabulous…sooooo many tips and tricks…thanks so much!!!

  102. Conni Mulligan said:

    I can’t wait to see the archives. I am positive that the sessions that I missed were as outstanding as the ones that I was able to attend!!!

  103. Lisa McCulloch said:

    Great day! Thanks so much. Can’t wait till everything I missed is posted.

  104. Gail Braddock said:

    I agree that there was a great deal of information presented today. I was great that we could come and go and come back. I took lots of notes. Thanks for all then energy! Great info for both Macs and PCs!

  105. Rosy Cajiga said:

    Hi! I was unable to watch the streamathon, so please I would love to have the website for the archived posts…!!! Thanks!!!

  106. Dean Mantz said:

    I truly appreciate all time and effort each and everyone of the presenters took in preparing their presentations. Thank you! I also want to express my gratitude to Discovery and the dedication to education and establishing the DEN! There are not too many resources as strong and dedicated as Discovery Education and the DEN.

  107. Bonita Walker said:

    Thanks for all the wonderful tips and resources. I, too, am looking forward to seeing the portions of the streamathon that I missed.

  108. Bob Peterson said:

    Missed by a day but will like to find the archival site to review what I missed. Thanks.

  109. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    Thanks again, DEN, for hosting an awesome Streamathon! I was able to pop “in and out” during the day and catch the ending session on the State of the DEN. Y’all really know how to put a good thing together. I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

  110. Betsy Ruffin said:

    Count me as another one looking for archives. Please send out link to us via feed.

  111. Cameron McKinley said:

    I can’t wait until these are posted online. I, too, wish it could be on a Saturday. I watched all of them the last time you had it on a Saturday. I didn’t have any breaks this Tuesday to watch but I know I will learn a lot as soon as the sessions are all online! Thanks!

  112. Kim Caise said:

    Thank you for producing the Streamathon and the opportunity to learn so much about the resources and offers from DEN!

    Kim Caise

  113. Carol Battalora said:

    I was only able to attend parts of 3 of the sessions due to my work schedule but took away very useful information. Look forward to reviewing the archives.

  114. Deb Holman said:

    Thanks for the archives! I really thought I could join the Streamathon in real-time, but the day did not go as I had planned.

  115. Carolyn Pitt said:

    I listened to as much of the Streamathon as I could. so I am thankful that there are archives. I saved the dialog on the side, but cannot open it. What program do I need to use?

  116. Peggy Barger said:

    Thanks so much for DE Streamathon 2008 – cutting edge – no less from the DEN!! Even tho I watched, learned and took copious notes throughout the day, I’d love to have access to the archived downloads. Having the same issues as Gina C. Latest version of Quicktime is installed on my PC but the downloaded videos don’t play??

  117. Lisa said:

    Okay, so it doesn’t do any good to have the sessions archieved, if we can’t play them. I am having the same problem as Peggy and Gina. It is like standing in front of a candy store window and knowing you have no money. I am drooling and frustrated. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!!

  118. Ms. De Santis said:

    Thanks for a great day- I think I tried to learn so much my hair hurts! But I did set up a BubbleShare account and added a new post.

    I will be sharing this with my peers.

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  120. Kiss Anime said:

    I’d love to have access to the archived downloads. I am thankful that there are archives. I saved the dialog on the side. Thanks.

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