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Connecting the Chats #TxEdTuesdays #DESTEMchat #DEIgnite

Everyday educators are using Twitter to connect with new people for new ideas. Using hashtags, retweets, video, and links, ideas are shared and conversations sparked. Often these connections are made during Twitter chats. These chats follow a common hashtag and welcome people to jump in adding their thoughts and ideas. When the smartest person in

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Vancouver Again!

We love our Ignite events. Vancouver really loves their Ignite events. On May 16th we held our 4th in the area since 2014. This time we featured several community members from Alberta who were attending another Discovery event for leaders. As always, Rose Pillay was in attendance. If you don’t know Rose, she’s worth following

Ignite Your Passion For Discovery: Transformation Stories

This past Wednesday night, 130 educators from Texas, Canada, Florida, and Louisiana gathered for a series of #DEIgnites with the theme “I Used to… But Now I…”: Stories of Transformation.  The evening was filled with a series of short, energizing presentations shared by members of your Discovery Education Community mid-week of the TCEA 2017 conference. The

I Used to Read Books but now I….

Our Ignite events are really focused on the individuals in the room. Yes, we tweet and blog about them, but the talks themselves are best experienced in person. Occasionally, when it permits we do record them. At our Ignite event in Winnipeg last month, Andy Mckiel turned on his recorder and captured the audio of

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Richmond, BC edition

We kicked off our new series of Ignite events in grand style as we invaded Celli’s pub on a rainy evening last week in the Vancouver, BC area. In conjunction with the CEA annual conference on First Nations, we partnered to include some outstanding presentations from conference presenters from across Canada. This year’s theme that

Ignite Your Passion is Back for 2016-2017

It’s back! If you don’t know what “it” is, check out our past Ignite event summaries. But if you don’t know and you’re too lazy to click that link, let me summarize. Ignite events are informal networking events usually hosted at a local watering hole featuring 8-10 five minute ignite style talks but community members.

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Calgary Edition

The #DEignite tour continues to be an overwhelming success. This time, we were in Calgary, a new city for us. With a very short turn around, we managed to “corral” (see what I did there) over 70 educators out on a Thursday night. More amazing was finding 8 courageous folks willing to prepare a talk

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Vancouver Edition

This was our second Vancouver Ignite event and proved to be even better than the first time around. Within 4 days the event sold out. This is an indication of the passionate educators in the area who value the opportunity to connect with each other in this powerful format. Of the 80 attendees, about a

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: SC Wrap Up

In February, educators from across South Carolina gathered for a series of “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery” events in Columbia, Greenville, and Beaufort. Each evening was filled with a series of short, energizing presentations shared by members of your Discovery Education Community about a topic that makes them curious. The Ignite format requires presenters to

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: South Carolina Edition

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery is a powerful evening of short, energizing presentations combined with networking and engaging conversations.  This is the first season we are hosting these events in the United States, starting in South Carolina. We’re excited to kick off these events in February!  This year’s sub-theme is asking, “What are you curious