ThinkLink Learning, founded by Vanderbilt University in 2000, became part of Discovery Education in 2006. Discovery Education provides engaging digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning.Discovery Education is a division of Discovery Communications, LLC the leading global nonfiction media company. The leader in digital video-based learning, Discovery Education produces and distributes high-quality digital resources in easy-to-use formats in all core-curricular subject areas. Discovery Education is committed to creating scientifically proven, standards-based digital resources for teachers, students, and parents that make a positive impact on student learning. Through solutions like Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Science, Discovery Education Health and Discovery Education Assessment, LLC. Discovery Education helps over one million educators and 35 million students harness the power of broadband and media to connect to a world of learning.

From the beginning, Discovery Education Assessment, has focused on assessment for learning more than on assessment of learning (Working Inside the Black Box Phi Delta Kaplan 86, no. 1. pp. 8-21.) Our focus on research-based assessments that drive instruction is inherent in our Predictive Benchmark series which was conceptualized as a teacher-centered, student-focused assessment tool. Discovery’s assessments are developed by teachers for schools. Our founder was a teacher in an urban area. Our current vice president taught and was a principal. The directors of research and content have backgrounds that include teaching, school administration, district administration, state based school reform, and special education. The raw elements of the Discovery Education Assessment tools were initially mined from the school experiences of these varied teaching careers.

We believe student learning is best supported by informed teaching. All time spent testing or worse, practice testing, distracts from time students could spend learning. Teacher time spent testing, scoring and interpreting test results distracts from teaching and learning. Discovery assessments are designed to quickly and accurately produce reports that teacher can easily use to determine how to best use their class time, identify better instructional approaches, and gauge which students need additional support.