About Us

DenconiConi Rechner
I have been with Discovery Education
since 1993 and have specialized in the K-12 education, prevention and
public health markets during that time. My favorite teacher was Mrs
Fahrenkrug, my 8th grade math teacher. She inspired my love of numbers
by making math exciting and engaging while challenging me to always do
my best. I am thankful for the dedicated teachers in Appleton,
Wisconsin and around the globe who are inspiring our kids to develop
their skills and confidence to grow into responsible and passionate
adults. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to build the Discovery
Educator Network to recognize our dynamic teachers and to give them
access to other educators and resources.

DenhallHall Davidson
I recently joined the Discovery
Educator Network team after serving as the Director of Education
Television Services for KOCE-TV for 15 years, where I oversaw and
produced programming for K-14. Prior to that, I taught in the Los
Angeles Public Schools for six years, and spent six years as an advisor
to Instructional Media Services for KLCS-TV. My favorite teacher was
Mrs. Calmes – she made learning and being smart fun. I believe the
Educator network is not only a chance for teachers to share media
resources but marks the beginning of the next era of media delivery to
schools and homes in which the teachers in the Educator Network will
lead the way.

DenscottScott Kinney

recently joined the Discovery Educator Network team and was formerly
the Director of Educational Technologies at the Carbon Lehigh
Intermediate Unit in Pennsylvania. My favorite teacher was my Mrs.
Bankus because she challenged me. She inspired me to work hard and saw
potential in me that I hadn’t yet discovered in myself. To me, the
Discovery Educator Network is a community in which members openly
share, collaborate and communicate with like-minded peers, regardless
of geography; a community that celebrates the opportunities to gather
in person at various times throughout the year.  And most importantly,
a community that never loses focus on the worlds most important
resource, our children.

DenbetsyBetsy Whalen
I joined Discovery in 2004 straight
from my third grade classroom at Tyler Elementary School in DC Public
Schools. My favorite teacher was Ms. Nicholson in 4th grade – every day
she’d turn the lights down and read aloud to us. Her enthusiasm made
the books come alive and she helped me develop a lifelong love for
reading. To me, the Educator Network is about teachers working with
teachers to do things they never dreamed of and using the power of
Discovery to make their ideas a reality.


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