Welcome to the Discovery Educator Network Blog

Summer is the perfect time to start new adventures. To dive into a lake you’ve never visited or wade into the ocean for the first time certainly can be a new adventure for any kid or adult.

That’s what we’re doing here this summer: wading into the waters of community-building by launching the Discovery Educator Network blog. Or DEN Blog for short.

We hope to accomplish several things with the DEN Blog, the first for Discovery Education:

* Create an area where educators can communicate with each other and with Discovery Education team.

* Put the people behind unitedstreaming and Discovery Education out front and accessible for your questions, feedback and ideas.

* Share ideas, tips or new research about video content and streaming technology in the classroom.

* Provide a means for educators to know what other educators say about technology-based classroom education or our products and services.

Our commitment is to facilitate an open and honest dialog, just like great teachers do in their classrooms.

In the months ahead, we’ll venture further out into these adventurous waters by building an online repository for educators who wish to share their resources, knowledge and experience of using video technology in the classroom with other educators. Our goal is to create a global community of educators directly helping one another be better teachers and deal with some of the unique challenges today’s educators must overcome.  How cool is that?

All of this will take a lot of work, so that’s why we need your help: Help us create the best-possible online community for educators with your suggestions, ideas and insight. The four of us — myself, Hall Davidson, Scott Kinney and Betsy Whalen — will be listening and responding.

And if you find the dialog here valuable, we hope you’ll tell friends and colleagues about it, too.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


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  1. Cindy Lane said:

    Ok, Discovery Educators, I hear the water is warm and Coni is a great lifeguard, so I challenge each of you to race into the coolest wave out there, MICROSOFT PRODUCER…download it for free from Microsoft.com and now you can show unitedstreaming videos on the left, while you show images on the right…Oh yes, no need for a lifevest, you should be able to swim around this place without any problem and show it on any computer in Windows Media Player!

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