What an amazing opportunity

What an amazing opportunity we have before us!  We have the opportunity to recognize teachers for what most take for granted every day – the opportunity to provide forums where educators can share and collaborate with other amazing educators from across the country.  And, if we’re lucky, the opportunity to provide teachers with resources, ideas and maybe even a little inspiration.


To me, the Discovery Educator Network is positioned to become the largest community of educators anywhere – a community in which members openly share, collaborate and communicate with like minded peers, regardless of geography – a community that celebrates the opportunities to gather in person at various times throughout the year.  And most importantly, a community that never loses focus on the world’s most important resource, our children.


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  1. Katie Leach said:

    This is such a wonderful concept for teachers! It will be a tremendous opportunity to work together as teachers to be the best teachers we can be. I hope we can “boldly go where no classroom has gone before”!

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