Now that we’ve had our first Summit…

Now that our first Educator Summit is over, I’m curious about what our First Class of Educators in the Network are thinking.  We had a lot of discussions over the week about the Discovery Educator Network can be, but now that we’ve returned to our respective homes and have had some time to think –let us here your thoughts!

Why do you think the Discovery Educator Network will be valuable to teachers? 

What are your wildest dreams of what this Network can be?


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  1. Jannita Demian said:

    What a terrific summit! I am so excited to be a part of the Discovery family! I am also looking forward to meeting the Discovery Class of 2005! Each member of our team has a unique perspective to offer. It will be wonderful learning from eachother! I can hardly wait to see what Discovery has in store to recognize all these hard working techie teachers.

  2. Katie said:

    I am so impressed with Discovery’s dedication to teachers! This will be such a fantastic place to share our ideas and grow as teachers. All of the teachers at the Summit have done so much, it was easy to see that they were fantastic, motivated teachers. I have learned new ideas from them just in one day!! Thank you Discovery for this program!!

    In my wildest dreams I see a ripple effect of teachers helping teachers until all teachers are supporting each other as we work together for the common good of our students. By engaging each student in learning and helping them to grow we will have a better world for generations to come. The world will be their classroom!

  3. Rachel Amstutz said:

    The Discovery Educator Network has the potential to be a vital community that teachers turn to for a variety of needs. Sharing ideas, connecting classrooms and teachers, supporting the use of technology in education, developing friendships with educators around the country who know what you are going through, supporting new teachers, improving instruction, creating a best of library of lessons, etc… The possibilities are endless and extremely exciting!

    In my wildest dreams, the Network would become the hotspot that all teachers turn to for community, professional development, best practices ideas, etc… Two fold in purpose, it would provide the highest quality resources for all educators which would enhance and improved education in our county and also serve as a portal that finally opens the classroom doors and connects teachers to one another and to the world.

  4. Carole Gooden said:

    The Discovery Educator Network will be an invaluable tool for teachers. This will be a forum to exchange ideas, learn new strategies for integrating technology into the classroom and create collaborative partnerships with classrooms around the globe. Actually, the possibilities are endless in how this new resource can and will be used.

    I am awed by the talent that the Discovery Educator Network has pulled together. There is so much to learn and so many wonderful people from whom we can all learn. The coming months will be exciting ones as educators come to realize the power behind connecting with each other not only for support but to effect increased student achievement.

    My dream is to have the Discovery Educator Network become the first place that teachers will naturally think to look for innovative ideas and cutting edge ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. Exciting times are ahead!

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