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I noticed that Cindy Lane, one of our favorite educators from St. Louis, posted a comment down the thread about using Microsoft Producer to create presentations.   By using Producer, you can show video clips on the left while your presentation runs as a powerpoint slide show on the right.   It looks like a great tool – perfect for student projects and classroom presentations.   

You can download Producer from the Microsoft website.  I have downloaded it and am going to play around on it in the next few days – I encourage everyone else to check it out as well at

Let us know what other software tools you use in the classroom — if you have a favorite way of using videos and video clips in your teaching, we’d love to here more great ideas.

Thanks Cindy!


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  1. Katie said:

    Have you ever tried “MovieMaker”? I am taking a course on this in two weeks! The instructor, Beth Breiner from IU 21 in PA, said it is a great tool to use with United Streaming for Social Studies projects! I’ll let you know more about it in two weeks!!

  2. Rachel said:

    Thanks for the tip about MS Producer. It sounds perfect for instructional use. I will definitely have to check this out soon!

  3. Katie said:

    There are two great programs to help make multi-media projects in the classroom! iLife for Mac users has iMovie in which you can use both still images and video clips, edit and add text! Movie Maker II for PCs has many of the same capabilities. The nice feature of both of these is you can burn the project to a DVD!

  4. Greg Wenderski said:

    I use a DV camcorder in my classroom as a document camera and as a high quality webcam by attaching it to a Lightsmith platform. ( This allows us to easily record and edit student projects of all sorts with no more trouble than using an overhead projector. To use a DV camcorder as a firewire webcam, PC users can use WebCamDV software and Mac users can use Quicktime Broadcaster.

  5. Candace T. Dobbins said:

    Very old article to comment on it. But indeed it helped me in a way, Because I was finding something on microsoft producer

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