Writing Prompt – and a few notes from the field.

Brad and Dave are doing very, very, well–braving jetlag, technology problems, and a lot of new things to bring you their work on the blog.

I have only these to share:  What would the story be behind this French tourist returning to France from Los Angeles (see at LAX):      

If you can’t tell, he is bringing a box of California wine home to France (see enlargement).


Another sighting:  What do you think they make at this plant?


Could it have something to do with this sign across the street?


Finally, can you make up a story to explain this image:

And a close with a Monet-like image from the Paris skyline from the roof of the restaurant.  Do you Parlando impressionism?


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  1. Uncle Rip said:

    Enjoying the stories and pictures. Send more pictures of the two of you! Uncle Rip

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