More from France

We have been on fast, good look at Paris.  Below, from the first day, Brad takes a photograph of the Mona Lisa.

Yes, the real Mona Lisa…

Next, a shot of Dave interviewing Boy Scouts at the Arc de Triumph.  You won’t believe the questions they had about American kids (stay tuned).


More to come.  Today we hit Versailles (not the one in Kentucky).  Some interesting observations.  Tapas for lunch in the shadow of a very discreet MacDonald’s

But we have to go now.  In ten minutes we leave for the first Discovery Tour de France event.  We watch the Lance…


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  1. lani said:

    Way to go, Brad & Laura! I am following you every step of the way.

    What do you think is the biggest difference you have experienced between French children and US children?

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