Night in Paris (Discovery the sites)

The men from Paris are working on their video journals.  I watched as Brad narrated his while shooting the Eiffel Tower at night as it ran through it’s sparkling sequence, which it does on the hour at night–like a house with Christmas lights gone wild.

In the meantime, here are some of things from today (and tonight)…
After being served espresso on a boat on the river Seine at 11 PM, energy seems no problem…. We were in good company.  The head of the Discovery Channels (all of them in the US) was on the boat with us–Billy Campell and crew, working hard as the boat plied the placid waters running through Paris.  Also there, the head of the Discovery Pro Cycling  Team. But the one everybody wanted was Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.  Saw no crocs, however..Or Harleys for that matter.

Some images:
Brad and his wife record the spectacular view from the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. She is a 4th grade teacher and takes her class on annual field trips to Biltmore in North Carolina, a part of the state’s history she will have a new perspective on since much of the Vanderbilt estate there was inspired by French chateaus–and this is the mother of them all. From every window in the Hall of Mirrors, you could see the gardens.  Louis didn’t build where there was a view, he built the palace and then built the view.  Nice. 


Here Dave’s wife Andrea shoots the full moon as it is framed by the arch of the Eiffel Tower.  We had just come down from the second level and were met by the moon.  (They also bought "Goodnight, Moon" in French (Bonsoir Lune) at the library in the Louvre, so the day had a theme)  Come to think of it, before he left Dave downloaded a video of the phases of the moon from  So the whole week had a theme..


Here we hang at Harry’s, where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Gershwin hung before us.  No mention of it in the bar.  You just have to know….Down the street, the Blues Brothers’ statues leap from a building of a themeHarrys restaurant.  A different American culture…

Before Internet courses, before correspond school, there was the Harmsworth "Self Educator"  (copyright 1906).  It was the entire library of the boat on which we had dinner.  Interesting perspective and some absolutely outrageous "scientific" claims.  Everything from anthropology to psychology.  Ask Brad about it…

On the deck of the ship, Dave and Andrea stand with the Eiffel Tower and the smaller statue of the Statue of Liberty in the background (the Statue was French, you’ll recall.)  I’m sure there’s a moon in the picture somewhere.

Finally, the final course, served with espresso.  Never eat these strange chocolates without asking what’s inside. Ask Brad about that.  He’ll try anything once…(and proved it time and again).


More videos blog later in the morning…


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  1. Kristin said:

    Brad, what did you eat? What’s the best and worst food so far? How’s the wine?

  2. James K. Van Riper said:

    Brad & Laura, Uncle Rip could not figure how to get a comment to you. Had to explain it to him. Hope he sees this! Your pictures, videos, and comments are fantastic. Clearly a dream vacation. Love,

  3. Andrew said:

    Okay, so why did Louis indulge in the architecture? Also, which Louis was it and was there anything significant about his reign other than the killer pad? What is the difference between Louis’ job, and George Bush’s job? What is currently the difference between the French government and the American government? How was the American Revolution different from the French Revolutions (okay, apple to oranges)? Have you had a chance to buy the long awaited final work of Dumas?

    Billy Campbell’s mother is a friend of mine from my days at Converse. She called him from my living room right after our episode of Trading Spaces. I think he was eating dinner with John Travolta. Anyway, She says wonderful things about him so I hope he’s proven to be a great deal of fun for all of you.

    Go Lance!

  4. Alexandra Fountain said:

    Hi Mommy and Daddy! Will you be able to read Goodnight Moon to me in French now? I can hardly wait!

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