Grand Delights

Yesterday was quite an eventful day.  Our day began with a trip to Versailles which was built by Louis XIV.  The Palace itself was quite striking on the outside, but it was the art on the inside and the gardens that were the most impressive to me.

Pict0204_editedThe example to the left demonstrate the incredible detail of the art on
the ceilings and is an example of the detail placed into the art work
in every room.

Pict0311_editedThroughout the Jose and Hall have served a excellent hosts even though we are not always certain Jose knows where he is or where he is going (see left). 

Pict0334_edited_1Our meals have been exquisite.  Our lunch yesterday consisted of Tapas and Paella (left) from a Spanish restaurant near the Palace of Versailles

Pict0434_2Our evening concluded with a midnight trip to the Eiffel Tower where at midnight Laura and were on the second tier of the tower as the lights flashed signaling the hour.  The trip to tower was partially the result of the the cherries mentioned in Hall’s blog.


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  1. Alexandra said:

    Daddy, We are really enjoying your posts and photos. You and Mommy are seeing some beautiful things and eating some delicious food. The lunches that Grandma gives me doesn’t look like yours!
    Hugs and kisses to you and Mommy.

  2. Betsy Whalen said:

    Will you guys be at the finish line tomorrow? Let us know your schedule of events for the day — we’ll look for you at the finish line!

  3. Tina Brooks said:

    Brad and Laura, Watching for you guys in the TV. I ahve a couple questions for Lance (or his trainer) if you get the chance. 1) What is Lance’s VO2 Max? 2) What is Lance’s Anerobic Threshold? I would like to put these numbers into my Ex Phys. Lecture I present to the Marines 3)What will Lance do with over 80 yellow jerseys? Does he keep them all?
    We’re tracking you guys daily and keeping in touch with Jim. Take lots of pictures:)

  4. Laurie Conner said:

    Jose! Aren’t you the French expert?

  5. Shannon said:

    Brad and Laurai it looks as if you guys are having a wonderful time. I know this has been an experience of a life time. Where exactly will you guys be tomorrow for the big finish?
    I think I posted this same message under someone else’s highlights- Maybe you will see this one.

  6. James K. Van Riper said:

    I wish I was with you looking at the Monet’s! This is my last post–headed to the Jambore. I’ll call you when you get home. Love

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