Supporting Videos for Lessons

Since I know there are a number of educators out there who were planning to create some lessons to go along with these blog posts, I took a look through the unitedstreaming library to find some clips that you might want to use to provide more in depth information about some of the sites Brad, Dave, and the rest of the team have seen in Paris and have mentioned in their blog entries.    Here are some of the highlights you might want to check out: 

“The Buildings of Paris” clip from the City Life in Europe video provides a tour of all of the main cathedrals, museums, royal palaces and sites of Paris.

Famous Authors:  Earnest Hemingway:  1899-1961:   Provides a biography of Hemingway’s life, including the time he spent writing and living in Paris, from which he was inspired to write The Sun Also Rises and the posthumously published A Moveable Feast.   

Famous Authors:  F. Scott Fitzgerald:  1896-1940:  Chronicles the life of the “Jazz Age” author, including his time in Paris.   

Chasing 7:  Lance Armstrong:   Short video clips that chronicle Lance Armstrong’s path towards his 7th Tour de France victory.


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  1. Shannon said:

    Brad and Laura it looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. I know this has been an experience of a life time. Where exactly will you guys be tomorrow for the big finish of the race?

  2. Katie said:

    This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us! This will be great for my classroom!!

  3. Andrew said:

    I’d like to know more about the economics of the Tour. Also, how many motorcycles are used during a time trial?

  4. Hall Davidson said:

    Regarding Andrew’s question about the motorcyles. I asking the Discovery Team coordinator who said there are actually more motorcyles than bicycles used on the tour. Ironic!

    Teams, photographers, police, crowd control, and more, use motorcyles.

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