unitedstreaming new features debut on Monday

If you’ve been away from unitedstreaming over the summer while you’ve relaxed and enjoyed some time away from the classroom, Monday might be the perfect time to login to unitedstreaming and see what’s new.  We are debuting some new features based on feedback from users about the things you need the most, including:

Lesson plans:  Browse via grade level or in five core subject areas for lesson plans correlated to unitedstreaming videos.

Calendar:  Look month-by-month to see important dates in five core curriculum areas plus biographies, health and guidance, and commemorations.

Teacher Center:  All of your training options in one place.  Get information about webinars, school-based workshops, and ideas for integrating video into your classroom.  See our back-to-school webinar schedule for August and September below.

Arctic Mission: Check out our new, comprehensive site based on the TV documentary “Arctic Mission.”  With lesson plans, video clips, games, quizzes, tools and much more, we are testing Arctic Mission for six months.  Please try it out and let us know your thoughts!

New content

Closed captioned videos:  For the hearing impaired and students learning English as a second language, we’ve added closed captioning to our 600 most popular videos, for a total of 1000 closed captioned videos.

Encyclopedia articles: 27,000 articles from Funk & Wagnall’s.

Geography images:  2,000 new geography images have been added to the Image Library.

Dynamic citations:  Videos and images now display bibliographic citations in APA, MLA and Chicago style formats. 

Improved ways to manage unitedstreaming

Server Manager:  Server Manager will constantly update your server with the latest content.  Once you install it, it will automatically update every night between 6 pm and 6 am.

Upload Manager:  Lets you add your own content to unitedstreaming, such as school sporting events or student video projects.  Your content will be seamlessly searchable along with our regular unitedstreaming content.

Network Manager:  Skirts bandwidth issues by scheduling downloads for off-peak hours.  A teacher can select a video, the network manager will download it that night, and it’ll be available to the teacher the following day.

Stay tuned later this month for the addition of even more features, content and improvements to unitedstreaming!


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  1. Katie said:

    Thank you for having Funk and Wagnall’s Encyclopedia articles for both students and teachers! This will be a site that will have correct, trustworthy information!

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