Academy of Hope

I met last night with the outreach team for the Arlington Academy of Hope, a school in Uganda built and supported by educators and volunteers from Arlington, VA.  Founded by John and Joyce Wanda, who were born and raised in a rural village in Uganda and immigrated to the US in 1996, the Arlington Academy of Hope is a school in the village of Bumwalukani, Uganda (bum-wah-LOO-khan-ee) that seeks to help children reach their potential by providing them with the educational, nutritional and social skills they need to grow and develop.  John and Joyce were lucky enough to have parents who recognized the importance of an education and made significant sacrifices so that their children could remain in school — those sacrifices have now improved the lives of countless children, as John and Joyce have dedicated themselves to improving educational opportunities in Uganda.

A local CBS station has been following AAH’s progress – it’s certainly an interesting and unique undertaking, so I encourage you to take a look.

If you are interested in getting involved in AAH or have some ideas or resources that might benefit the program, please post your thoughts here.   

Thanks to the AAH outreach team for letting me join them last night.  It was certainly an enlightening experience:)


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  1. jaime mulligan said:

    this is jaime mulligan from the arlington academy of hope. i wanted to thank betsy for meeting with our group and spreading the word! others who might be interested in what’s going on with our organization can feel free to contact us:

  2. Carrie Strasburger said:

    Thank you Betsy and Discovery Educator Network. It is exciting to think about the great teaching that is happening in Uganda thanks to hardworking folks like the Wandas.

    Maybe we can take the great video shot from this summer’s 15 day trip and turn it in to an United Streaming video and pull together some lessons to help share this story with kids across the US.

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