Igniting Student Achievement

From February 28-March 3, The Illinois Computing Educators organization will be hosting the annual IL-TCE Technology Conference in St. Charles. The theme of the conference will be “Igniting Student Achievement” and will feature full day training workshops, keynote speakers, and a wide variety of general sessions and demonstrations. The deadlines for workshop and session proposals are rapidly approaching. Proposals for full day workshops are due by August 23 and proposals for general conference breakout sessions are due no later than October 1. Go to the Call for Proposals page for information and application materials.

As unitedstreaming digital media resources become more widely used in schools across the country, presentations and demonstrations with a focus on lesson strategies and student projects that incorporate these resources are appearing more frequently at state and national technology conferences and special events. If you are an enthusiastic unitedstreaming user and plan to conduct a demonstration or workshop that includes information about the ways that you infuse these digital resources into your own lessons and projects, I would encourage you to contact me or leave a comment by clicking on the link below. I would be happy to provide you with user manuals and other materials that may be of use to you as you plan your presentation.

The  “Igniting Student Achievement” Conference promises to be an informative and valuable event. I would encourage you to become an active member of the Illinois Computing Educators organization and participate at the conference. See you there in February!


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