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Being “Fresh out of the Classroom,” as some have referred to me as, especially since I still get excited about free notebooks and pens, and brand new to the “Corporate” world, I have had such incredible adventures over the last few months as I acquaint myself more to Discovery.  As I have traveled around demonstrating the power of unitedstreaming, what I find people are most surprised and excited by is that the online digital media program is owned by Discovery Communications, which most relate to the Discovery Channel.  Many of you have shared stories of your favorite shows, so I thought it would be beneficial to give you a little background on Discovery.

In July, Discovery Communications celebrated in style as they turned 20 years old.  A big bash was held at the Washington DC convention center with special guests that included Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Man”  and Madeline Albright.  It was so fascinating as a new employee to hear Discovery’s rich history.

Discovery has always focused on education. John Hendricks began the Discovery Channel in 1982 making them the “first cable network to provide high quality documentaries.”  Their first televised show aired on June 17, 1985 and was titled Iceberg Alley.  Anybody out there remember that one?  Now Discovery Communications has 1.3 billion subscribers in 160 countries. Do you know they own 25 entertainment network brands?  How many can you name? Click here to find out Discovery’s latest news.

Judith McHale, current CEO of Discovery Communications, continues to strive for education excellence by fully supporting the Discovery Educator Network.  At a recent event, she shared that now is the time “…to connect teachers with their most valuable resource… each other!”  We at the network fully agree and understand that you can teach each other more than you can ever learn from a college course or “how to” book.  I am looking forward to blogging with you and sharing some of our knowledge.

I was wondering what are some of your favorite Discovery memories?  What Discovery actor, host or representative stands out most in your mind?  Who would you like to see post a blog or come out to a Discovery Educator Event?


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  1. Jennifer said:

    The August 29th edition of E-School news has a wonderful article about DEN and Tim Lauer.

    Make sure to read it!

  2. Sarah Johangiry said:

    I am so excited about this network. I definately want to hear from other second grade teachers on the great things they are doing in their classrooom. In Open Court we are currently studying about sharing stories. Unitedstreaming has brought some of the student’s favorite stories to life. They love it!!It would be great to get together with teachers from other districts using Open Court and really put some great lessons together using Unitedstreaming in a workshop.

  3. Jutti said:

    Third grade teachers should definitely check out the “Raccoons” video for the City Wildlife unit. I shared it with the third grade teachers at my school and they loved it!

    As far as what I would like to have in the way of workshops… Ideas, ideas, ideas! Bring them on!

  4. Scott Johnson said:

    I, too, am excited about the DEN! I have always been a fan of the Discovery Channel, mainly for it’s educational value and programming. Two of my favorite shows are “The Mythbusters” and Dirty Jobs.” I know Jamie and Adam are going to be at the Science conference in Anaheim next month. That is exciting. Mike Rowe would be another great host to have at an event.

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