Who Said What? Who Needs What?

Thanks to the veteran teachers for some great comments/advice in our previous post!

Carrie Strasburger from Arlington Traditional School and Barrett Elementary in Arlington, VA submitted an idea for a first day activity that I thought warranted a post of its own. All the details on the first day can be overwhelming – this is a great tip for making life easier!  Thanks Carrie!

Who Said What? Who Needs What?
Materials Needed:
1 Clip Board, pen (keep in a convenient place.
1 Avery Address Label for every student in your class – usually 30 labels to a sheet.

As you make observations of the students in your class, jot it down on the "mailing label"–it is fast & easy to grab the clipboard. These little notes remind you of who needs help with whatever. It is also great to "capture" their thinking and anecdotal notes that you can use at Parent Teacher conferences or at Back to School night. Later, paste each label in to the students portfolio folder–or however you keep notes on your students. Even on a ring of index cards or paste labels on index cards and file in a box.


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