Going Beyond the Four Walls…

For the 5th year in a row, San Francisco will host a Grand Prix event for the Pro Cycling Team, where 160 world class riders will wind themselves through the steep and crooked streets.  Eight members of Discovery’s Pro Cycling Team, led by George Hincapie, will take on this grueling 108 mile race.  Can you believe it will only take them a few hours to complete?!?!?

The Discovery Educator Network is proud to take 2 of our California DEN members, Ken DeCroo of Grant Elementary in Fontana and Skip Johnson of El Crystal Elementary in San Bruno.  I am thrilled to be part of this adventure.  Stay tuned for posts from both of them as well as pictures from our event.

Fontana just posted a newsletter about this event and the Discovery Educator Network on their website! This makes Fontana the first district to publicly publish a newsletter about the network!

Go California!

It’s time to start thinking outside the box… or should I say four walls of the classroom.  Because of some creative minds in Fontana, Ken DeCroo, is in the developing stages of creating TEAM DEN, a biking club for our DEN members.  After reading many of your applications and posts, I am learning that some of us have some very intriguing interests.  What type of groups would you be interested in forming with each other outside the four walls (i.e. Biking Club, Salsa Club, Apple/Mac Groups)?


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  1. Ken Decroo said:

    What a lot of fun it is to be associated with the the Discovery Educators Network (DEN)! Tammy, my wife, Sam Emerson, my son and I will be posting about our experiences up here during the San Francisco Grand Prix of Cycling… Look for our first postings this evening (9/3).

  2. Bill Monte said:

    Just a note to say I will be attending the NECC confernece in San Diego and look forward to meeting other DEN educators there.

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