San Francisco Grand Prix of Cycling

After a hectic day of travel, my wife Tammy, son Sam and I reached our hotel here in San Francisco. Tomorrow begins a major event in cycling, the San Francisco Grand Prix of cycling.  I have attended and participated in many cycling events in North America. Tammy and I just finished the Cool Breeze Century a few weeks ago in Ventura, California. We have ridden in the Redlands Classic. But this race is the real deal.  It is in a class of its own. This race is about climbing and staying: staying on your bike, staying hydrated, staying healthy, staying focused, staying out of your seat up the hill, and staying in the race until the end, finishing.  That’s the most important thing to do on any ride…Staying to the end…Finishing.

Sf_grandprix_059 It occurred to me how much about a hundred plus mile race like this has in common with what we are trying to instill in our students.  We, also, want them to learn about staying: staying in school, staying out of trouble, staying fit, staying focused, staying happy…

There is much about why we cycle that is similar to why we are in education.  Cycling is about self-discovery and health.  It, to me, is the perfect sport.  There is something gratifying about riding a hundred miles, under your own power, no matter where you place.  There is an intimate relationship with the landscape. There is a cadence and rhythm that you achieve that is Zen like. 

Sf_grandprix_022 We leave tomorrow at 8:00 AM for the race. I will be asking people why they are here this weekend, watching or participating in this race.  What do they get out of cycling?  Why do they watch it?  Why do they ride?

But mainly, I plan to live this event by the moment and celebrate a world-class cycling race with some of the best cyclists in the world.  I feel so grateful to be working for Fontana Unified School District, composed of an enlightened leadership with the vision to recognize the importance of a virtual forum of educators like Discovery Educator Network (DEN) and what we are trying to accomplish this weekend. I will be in touch tomorrow. What a lot of fun!

Sf_grandprix_067 Have you ever attended or participated in a cycling event?  Did you watch the Discovery Pro Cycling Team race the Tour de France? Do you know about the Grand Prix? We want to hear from the cycle enthusiasts out there. Please let us know what you think!


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  1. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Even though I don’t cycle, I have recently started paying close attention to my health. I was so tired last year, and I realized that I definately was not getting enough exercise. I started working out with a trainer, and I feel so much better. Exercise is helping me in the classroom, because I have so much more energy. We are starting a little exercise group after school. I can’t wait!!
    Sarah J.

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