The Ride of a Lifetime for 2 Discovery Educators

Dsc00386   I think it would be safe to say that Ken Decroo of Fontana and Skip Johnson of San Bruno, along with their families, experienced the ride of their life today at San Francisco’s Grand Prix Pro Cycling Event. 

Dsc00414_1 First and foremost, we must thank the incredible Pro Cycling Team Staff.  From the time we entered the tent Louise and P.J. bent over backwards to ensure that we felt part of the Pro Cycling Family by answering our endless questions, directing us around, introducing us to riders, making sure

we were comfortable and of course one of the biggest highlights of Dsc00436the day, a ride in Discovery Channel’s Team Car with Assistant Sports Manager, Laurenzo. Dsc00441

Have you ever ridden around the Streets of San Francisco at 60 mph without stopping at any corner?  Our Discovery Educators can add that to their list after a 15 minute loop around the track following the riders up, down, and all around the streets of SanFrancisco. Laurenzo’s handling of the car was impressive as he chatted with the riders via headsets that were in their helmets.  He informed them of time differences between team members, encouraged them to “keep it rolling” and talked strategy.

            Back at the tent, we were able to watch the race from television screens or get a glimpse (basically a blur) Dsc00406_1as they raced by our area several times. There were several raffles throughout the day and each of our educators were able to walk away with a special memento (A special thanks to Ken and his wife for my special souvenir from China Town!)

  My favorite part of the day was sitting with Mike Creed’s Aunt and Grandma as they shared stories from his childhood through his pro cycling events.  I loved hearing how Michael received his first bike when he was only 10 years old.  According to Grandma, this single event forever altered his life.  She explained that it gave him focus and motivation and 2 years later to the disbelief of everyone he won his first national competition.  The rest is history! (Michael led the racing pack for most of the day)

            This story left me pondering for the rest of the day… what opportunities are our students being provided at home or in the class that will completely alter how they proceed in life?  What student in your room could be a future member of Discovery’s Pro Cycling team or the future Van Gogh?  With budgets being stripped from schools every year, how do we as educators ensure that students are still being exposed to different types of  physical fitness, art, music, etc. programs?

So let’s hear it… how are you doing it?  Do you have any “Michael” like stories in your class?  Do you know of  other athletes stories like this one? What ideas do you have for our Discovery Educator Network that might help out with these issues?


(<— Sam, our DEN student ambassador, having a little fun… but perhaps a reminder of the best lesson we can pass on to our students!)


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  1. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Hello Everyone!

    I would first like to congratulate Dr. Decroo and Skip Johnson on a great job representing all of us at the race. It must of been an amazing ride!!

    I also worry about the experiences we are giving our students in school today. I would not have been so well rounded if it had not been for the amazing experiences I had in school. Music, art, drama, sports, and field trips in school provided me with so much knowledge, it and gave me the confidence to be a strong successful woman. I try to incoprporate the arts, music, and sports into my day as much as possible. For example, my second grade students dance to classical and other various types of music during PE. Art is definately incorporated into all core curricculum, especially ELD, science, and social studies. We will continue to work on our Van Gough Sunflower drawings this week. Van Gough is one of the featured fine artists in our first Open Court unit. Projects definately take longer than they use to, but the children love them. Field trips are an issue due to money. I believe we need to find a way to bring places to the children if we don’t have the funds to take them out. Unitedstreaming is one way to do that, but the real thing is hard to replace. I know that some schools are bringing hands on field trips to school. For example, the fourth grade team brought panning for gold to our school last year, and the students had a ball!! Overall, we have to continue to be creative so that our students don’t miss out!! I would love to hear of any great ideas that others are doing at their schools!!

    Best wishes,

    Sarah J.

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Make sure you check out our “Teacher Feature” under “Learning Tools.” This month it talks all about ‘Art and Artists.’ Keep up the great work with your students!
    ****A note to everyone… scan your students artwork and use it for the slide backgrounds of your presentations! The kids go nuts over it!

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