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Sf_grandprix_085 After an incredible weekend at the San Francisco Grand Prix of Cycling, I have had some time to reflect on what I gained from this amazing experience.  I was impressed by what good role models these athletes are and how dedicated they are to what they do.  I was able to mingle Sunday evening at a special reception with the team.  It was very apparent that the way these young men are has a lot to do with their love for the sport of cycling.

It occurred to me, cycling has much to teach us, especially our young people. We need to spread this great sport to our children.  I have been talking about forming a club of educators who cycle, a TEAM DEN, if you will. Of course we would not race in the professional sense.  Discovery already has a great race team, the best in the world, as witnessed in the Tour de France.  It would be a team of cyclists who ride for the love of it…for self-discovery. 

TEAM DEN would consist of riders who stay and finish.  We would engage and encourage young people to cycle so they can learn the great lessons of this sport. We would form a team of finishers and we would be about staying: staying in school, staying out of trouble, staying fit, staying with honor.

After spending an evening with some of the best of the best in the great sport of cycling, I believe that I will get the help we need to bring this dream to a reality.  These are athletes who have the right stuff.  They are the genuine article. 

Sf_grandprix_084 I had a very positive conversation with Bob Roll, the voice of the Tour de France in my opinion, about this and he was very encouraging.  That’s one thing I took away from Sunday evening, these people have not forgotten their roots, what brought them into cycling and core of why they still are part of it. 

If anyone out there would like to join us here in Fontana, please let us know or maybe you are thinking of forming your own club.  I know I have received very positive feedback from our superintendent and cabinet at my district, Fontana Unified School District. How does your colleagues and districts view such an endeavor? For you cycling enthusiasts out there, what do you think are the life lessons that cycling has to offer our students?

Ken Decroo, Fontana Unified School District



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  1. marie belt said:

    I would just like to say that I think a cycling club of educators is a great idea! I am currently working with Ken Decroo at Dorothy Grant Elementary, and have “caught the fever” from him about the sport. My husband Tom(also a teacher in Fontana) and we have finally discovered a sport we can participate in TOGETHER! We’ve been on several rides, and one of our kids joined us last weekend. The rest are saying they want to try riding as well. It really is fun and accessible to people of all levels!
    We are even kicking around the idea of starting our own bike team…the “Corona Pedal-Pushers!”
    We’ll see!
    Any other cyclists out there?
    Marie Belt, Dorothy Grant Elementary

  2. Betsy Whalen said:

    Just want you guys to know that we agree that a cycling club is a great idea and we’re working on it!

    It’s so exciting to hear all the great ideas that are coming out of the California DEN!

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