Teamwork at Extraordinary Levels

Being a teacher in Fontana USD, I continually reflect on my practices and my student’s successes and failures. As I reflect back on this past weekend, I saw teamwork, compassion, diligence, and comraderie.

Sf_grandprix_044 At the San Francisco Grand Prix of Cycling, I saw a group of people work towards a common goal, working together with persistence until the last bike went over the finish line. I saw first hand what it feels like to be part of a winning team, Team Discovery.

Racing in the middle of, and behind the riders, I heard Lorenzo orchestrate the riders from the SAG car, advising them on tactics to better their opportunities for success. Louise made sure we were safe getting in and out of the car, she said, “I haven’t lost one yet.” Who thought we would ever be driving on the streets of San Francisco at sometimes 60 mph. Sf_grandprix_056_1

And I got to enjoy all of this with my son, Sam and husband, Ken. We work as a team in the family setting and I felt that the Discovery Team worked at extraordinary levels as a family striving towards a common goal and finding success in their endeavors!

Tammy Decroo

Fontana U.S.D


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