The Grand Prix From the Eyes of a Student

Sf20grandprix20005 As we arrived at the starting line, my heart jumped. All of the anticipation from the night before had finally come to this. As we walked through the tents, you could see that hospitality flows freely in these strangers. We were strapped with our blue wristbands, shown to the Team Discovery tent, and said we could eat some breakfast. Then we waited for the race to start.


Sf20grandprix20031 The riders were called to the line. Every person who attended was on the sidelines eagerly anticipating the beginning of an exciting race, the San Francisco Grand Prix. A couple of laps later, Louise informed us that we had a chance to ride in the Discovery team car. My mother and I were first in line. We scurried across the course and waited for our ride. We were picked up, and as soon as we closed the doors, we jetted off to catch the riders. Averaging 60-80 mph, through the streets of San Francisco, the end came too soon, but the ride was exhilarating. The end of race came with the Discovery team in the top 20. What a well-engineered race it was.


That night we were invited to a reception to meet the whole team. Wow! These athletes are real people. They are not egotistical or stuck up. The cyclists know who and what they were and they’ve stuck to it, as for the remainder of the night, a great memory. Thank you Discovery team and all who helped, for giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

Sam Emerson


Rim of the World High School


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