Congrats to RJ!

000_0030Congratulations to RJ Stangherlin!  RJ is a Language Arts teacher at Salisbury High School and one of the first Discovery Educators in PA.  Today, Discovery Education awarded RJ with a scholarship to the T+L2 conference in Denver, Colorado this October.  While at T+L2, she will have the opportunity to attend a special pre-conference session on Digital Storytelling, participate in many conference sessions, and serve as our representative of the PA Discovery Educator Network.  RJ will also be posting special blogs from the conference to share her experience with all of us back in PA.

Please take some time to join me in congratulating RJ by posting a comment.  And…take notice of the picture…the word "Discovery" appears above RJ’s head.  Coincidence?  I think not.



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  1. Scott Kinney said:

    Way to go RJ! Congrats, you are an inspiration! I look forward to seeing you at T+L. Say hi to all my friends in Salisbury!

  2. Martha Perez said:

    Congratulations RJ! I’m so jealous. You truly are an inspiration. Keep up the terrific work and share your ideas. Have fun in Denver and show us some great stuff when you return.

  3. Jan Wee said:

    Congratulations to you, RJ! You will be in for a great adventure at T + L2 in Denver! The T + L2 conference is fabulous and the pre-conference Digital Storytelling workshop session will inspire and ignite both your students’ and your creativity. Digital Storytelling has the power of changing our students and ourselves in ways we often do not anticipate. I have seen tears and laughter and joy and satisfacton on the faces of those who have created digital stories. I co-led two Digital Storytelling workshops at CESA #4 in Wisconsin this summer and found that every teacher has an inspiring story just waiting to be told… be it a personal or an instructional story! And… teachers are tremendously creative! We have to be… right! 🙂 There are so many wonderful resources today that are user-friendly and make the process of creating digital stories fun and impressive. One tool, Photo Story 3 (Google this and it will be easy to find) is simple yet powerful and is free. iMovie by Apple has long been the DV editing standard (deservedly so) but many of us need a Windows OS solution. Another of my favorite digital video editing software programs is Pinnacle’s Studio 9 which even provides royalty-free music. That makes hunting for just the perfect background music a cinch! I will share many more resources when the Wisconsin DEN blog is in place! 🙂

    I was also lucky enough to be an eSchoolNews peer reporter at T & L2 last October. See
    for some of the peer reports posted to the eSchoolnews blog.

    I encourage all who love a wonderful conference to make plans to attend T + L2 and come by the Discovery Education booth in the Vendor Area and say “hello” and learn more about Digital Storytelling and Discovery Education!

    Jan Wee, Wisconsin DEN Field Manager

  4. Jannita Demian said:

    Congratulations! Lance shared with me your surprise when he walked in and how supportive your students were. I am looking forward to meeting you in Colorado! Welcome to the Discovery Family!!!

  5. Coni Rechner said:

    Congratulations on your scholarship to T+L in Denver. We are looking forward to a great event on Digital Storytelling with educators from around the country. We are also excited to have you as a participant as we know you’ll make the experience more meaningful for all the teachers attending!

  6. RJ Stangherlin said:

    No one knows how to create a life-changing surprise better than Lance Rougeux and DEN Pennsylvania. When I saw Lance outside my room with Mike from our IU, my principal Bill Hume, my closest school friends, and balloons billowing from a great wooden box, I couldn’t help thinking what a great way to welcome someone to the DEN. When Lance entered the room saying he said he had an award for me, I was clueless, and then nearly speechless. I was happy just to be part of a national network of technology integrators who continue to push the parameters of curriculum innovation. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn, to represent DEN PA, and to share the T + L2 conference with you through blogging.

    Scott, we all miss your presence at our IU, but you have left a deep legacy. I’ve passed your well wishes to your friends at Salisbury, and look forward to seeing you again at T + L2.
    Martha, I promise to bring you “great stuff” during the conference and afterward as well. Thank you for sharing your “Getting to Know Each Other” slides. Great ideas!
    Jan, you inspire me with your knowledge, encourage me with your sharing, and humble me with your accomplishments. I’ll look forward to the DEN Wisconsin blog and your expertise. I have so much to learn.
    Jannita, I’ll look forward to meeting you in Denver.
    Coni, I hope to live up to your expectations for meaningful interaction at T + L2 and Digital Storytelling.

    I’d like to thank everyone for a very warm welcome to the DEN community. A special thank you must go to Lance for orchestrating the surprise of a lifetime. Lance coordinated the event with my principal and the district, so that when the award was made, I was cleared to pack and go. My Period 8 students recognized enthusiastically Lance’s efforts as much as the award itself. Lance had stalled on my acceptance and I had begun to think he forgot about me. In reality, he wanted the surprise to be perfect and it certainly was. How Bill Hume kept the secret in the high school is top secret itself. My feet are just about back to touching terra firma.

  7. Carol Teitelman said:

    I am so thrilled for you RJ! I echo the comments about T+L2 and can’t wait to hear about your adventure. You have been an inspiration to many teachers in PA – now the rest of the country can benefit from your enthusiam and wealth of knowledge. Way to go, RJ! Thanks, too, to Lance and the Dicovery team for highlighting RJ’s work and dedication – and – her warmth and humor.

  8. Amber Lizak said:

    Way to Go, R.J.! I am so happy for you! I hope you enjoy the conference and can’t wait to read your blog! Keep up the great work!

  9. Jim Hopton & Peggy Barger said:

    You make us all proud to be part of this wonderful group of educators. It was great presenting with you this summer at the IU 8 Leadership Academy. Have a great time at the upcoming conference and we hope to see you soon.

  10. Jana Baxter said:

    Way to go RJ! What an awesome opportunity! I look forward to reading your blog from the conference.

  11. Terri Soyka said:

    Congratulations RJ! We are all proud of you. You will be the perfect representative of the PA DEN. Learn lots and enjoy. I look forward to hearing of your experiences!

  12. Diahann Ouly said:

    Congratulations RJ! You truly are one of those fine educators we have in the CLIU area. You certainly inspire me and everyone else around you. You know how much I love your upbeat personality and attitude towards your students and technology. Keep it up! Enjoy T&L2 and bring back all the ideas you can fit in your bag 🙂 No on deserves this award more than you. I’ll be seeing you soon I’m sure.

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