Katrina Affects a Nation

The educational impact of Hurricane Katrina is not limited to those living in Louisiana or Mississippi.  In a recent conversation with Chris Marshall, currently a middle school teacher in the Houston area (soon to be a Discovery Educator Network Field Manager), I realized the impact of educators throughout the country.  Chris alone has recently added six students from these disaster-affected areas to his class rolls.  I have personally heard similar stories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and others. 

Have you, your school or community pitched in to support people affected by Hurricane Katrina? If so, share your story!



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  1. Michelle Weeks said:

    I found out last night that over 450 students have registered in Richardson ISD (large school district just north of Dallas), where I live. It has affected most of the state of Texas – large cities like Houston, Dallas, & San Antonio) but ever smaller cities all across Texas. It’s amazing to see the response from organizations and churches. My apartment complex has even collected items and money to give to the local shelters! We hope to provide a sense of normalcy to these survivors!

  2. Katie said:

    Our school would love to help out students in need! And now with Rita bearing toward some of the same areas, there will be more families in need. What organizations are reaching schools in need that we can help support?

  3. Maria said:

    The idealist.org Teachers’ site is a great resource for anything related to community service, service learning activities and resources, starting a volunteer project with your class etc.
    You might also want to search their huge database for organizations that are involved in Katina relief efforts…might be worth a shot!

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