Teaching the Constitution

This week, many of you will be teaching students about the Constitution in observance of Constitution Day this past weekend Sept. 17th; To facilitate these lessons, unitedstreaming has 51 videos, and many clips, images and articles that explain the history and function of the US Constitution.

The Almost Painless Guide to the Constitution  (gr 3-5)

Amusing co-hosts Harlan and Marie lead us step by step through the document that forms the basis of our governments. Students will earn about the ideals of American Constitutional government, the theory of the "We the People," and the concepts laid out by the Preamble. We’ll also discuss how the Constitution empowers the government to fulfill its responsibilities, while at the same time limiting those powers. The Bill of Rights and the amendments are also covered in detail.

Ssssh! We’re Writing the Constitution (Gr 3-5)

This title from the Jean Fritz Collection of historic books for young people is illustrated by Tomie dePaola. Jean Fritz introduces elementary and middle school students to the delegates at the 1787 summer convention in Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, and many others traveled there to draft a plan that would unify their states while preserving their sovereignty. Part of the Weston Woods Series.

Our Constitution: The Document that Gave Birth to a Nation (Gr 6-8)

Fully utilizing the spectacular backdrop of the events which surrounded the "We the People 200" celebration in Philadelphia 1987, this video simply, clearly and with dramatic flair examines and explains the historical significance of the Constitution, its structure and function and its present day meaning and importance. The "Founding Fathers" and other prominent people who led in its creation are introduced. Leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives, such as Senators Robert Dole, Robert Byrd and Arlen Specter, and many others elucidate the basic historical concepts of freedom, liberty and governmental organization. There is exciting footage of actor James Earl Jones and Chief Justice of the United States (1966-1986) Warren Burger explaining the basic principles behind "We the People". Historical paintings, Paint box graphics and colorful "symbols of democracy" make this highly informative stimulating video compelling and interesting to watch.


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