Jefferson-Morgan SD: Home of the Rockets

000_0038_1 I want to extend a big thank you to Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton, two Discovery Educators from Jefferson-Morgan School District and wonderful hosts.  Peggy and Jim arranged an after-school integration workshop for about 20 of their colleagues.  We had a great time exploring the power of unitedstreaming, eating some good food (while sitting in elementary school desks, I might add), and having a lot of fun in Southwestern PA.  A special thanks also goes out to the principal and administration at Jefferson-Morgan for their support. 

If you have a training scheduled, or are interested in setting one up, please let me know.  Post a comment here or send me an email.  I’d love to join in on the fun!


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  1. Jim Hopton & Peggy Barger said:

    It’s difficult to express in words the excitement that unitedstreaming has had on our small, rural elementary school. It’s like opening a birthday gift that is as large as the whole world! The administration, teachers, and even parents have endorsed unitedstreaming, and this has led to the purchase of several TV monitors to help enhance this wonderful online multimedia library. Thanks,Lance, for the great workshop, and the pizza.

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