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You asked for it… so by popular demand we will host a section about your Language Arts Program Houghton Mifflin.  I have had the privilege of seeing all the creative and exciting ways you have enhanced your programs.  Now is your chance to share with each other.

How are you integrating unitedstreaming into your current reading program?  What clips are particularly good? Are you creating play lists that can be shared with your site and district?  What are websites that support the Houghton Mifflin Curriculum?


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  1. Cherise Dias said:

    There are so many ways to use UnitedStreaming with the Houghton Mifflin Reading Series. I have used it with almost every story that I have taught in both second and fourth grade.

    In second grade the students read the story of Officer buckle and Gloria. UnitedStreaming has this story in a video format. The students really responded well to the video version of the story, which we watched after readign the story together. We then followed this with a video on what it means to be a police officer, and then follwed that by a little police training P.E. The possibilities are endless!

    Again in second grade, we read the story Ant. After reading this story, which the boys love and the girls dislike, we wathced a little video on the life of ants. Again the boys were very intrigued by the bugs and the girls were disgusted. However, both groups were highly motivated to learn and respond. The test scores for this story revealed a high level of comprehension and an advanced knowledge of the little critters.

    These are just two of many examples of how to integrate UnitedStreaming with the reading series.

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