Teaching Children about Nutrition

USDA today launched a new interactive educational game for kids to help them better understand the new food pyramid.  Mypyramid.com is a fun, short game that asks students to "power up" their spaceship by selecting the healthy and nutritious food choices.

I tried out the game and had fun playing around with it for a while (I’m proud to say that I successfully reached "Planet Power")  More importantly, I think my students would have enjoyed playing this in my classroom last year. 

For those of you who struggle, as I did, with finding engaging ways to help students think more about what they eat, this is a great alternative.  (Note:  there are also 70 videos on unitedstreaming about nutrition that you could combine with this game for a fun and informative lesson.)


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  1. Cindy Lane said:

    The IMAGES inside unitedstreaming of various food groups make me hungry for more…Make up a kidspiration graphic organizer with these images and super group them into fruits/vegetables/grains..How about an interactive power point with these images and hyperlink to nutrition points…Oh, I could go on and on, but time to crunch on a delicious RED apple!

  2. Elspeth Payne said:

    I tried Mypyramid.com and had so much fun! I am glad to say, with the benefit of years of reading nutrition labels, I made it “Planet Power”. This site makes choices clear, and gives fun and immediate feedback. Kids can explore, and test, and find out what their food and exercise choices really mean.

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  4. wendy norton said:

    I thought this website would be great for the new health class that I have to teach next semester. Will let you know how well it goes over thanks,

  5. Meg Guerreiro said:

    Thank you so much for posting this site and information. Most of my students eat chips for breakfast and lunch with some candy in between. I think it’s very important for students to learn about healthy food choices and nutrition facts — and there’s no better way to engage them than with a computer game!!

  6. sulekha said:

    Educating your kids on the importance of nutrition is very important these days. There is so much to talk about food and nutrition that you will children will never feel bored. There are countless resources that can be helpful in this regard.

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