DEN Teacher Visit

Meet Kendel Srader – one of the first DEN Teachers in Texas!  Kendel is a 5th grade social studies teacher at Green Elementary in Allen ISD.  I visited Kendel and we enjoyed lunch together.   


During our visit, a surprise package arrived – the DEN Welcome Kit!  Kendel was so excited! Kendelsraderwithkit  She said, "I can’t wait to get started!"  Kendel will be receiving some additional training and then will conduct some trainings in her own school!  DEN members – let me know what you thought when you received your DEN Welcome Kit?  Let a friend know about how they can receive their Welcome Kit – go to


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  1. Katherine Aiken said:

    Michelle, I love the photos. Welcome to the DEN Kendel! I’m certain that you will be an asset to the DEN in Texas. My GA DEN members received their welcome kits last week, and they are as excited about their kits as you appear to be in your photo.

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