PA DEN PETE&C Pre-Conference Session

PA DEN members will have the opportunity to attend (for FREE) a special pre-conference session at this year’s PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C).  On Sunday, February 19th, Discovery Educators will participate in a full-day event loaded with great speakers, breakout sessions and more! 

As I finalize the schedule, I would like to hear your feedback.  Below is a draft outline of the day.  What would you like to see added, changed or removed?  This is your day.  Tell me what you want…


General Session with Kathy Schrock (9-10 a.m.)
Breakout Session 1* (10:15-11:30 a.m.)
Networking Lunch and Special Presentation by Hall Davidson (11:30-1 p.m.)
Breakout Session 2* (1-2:15 p.m.)
Breakout Session 3* (2:30-3:45 p.m.)
Closing (3:45-4 p.m.)

*You will be able to attend three breakout sessions during the day from a list of five or six choices.  The current choices are: 1. Using Digital Media to Differentiate Instruction, 2. Copyright, 3. Digital Storytelling, 4. Tying IT All Together: Blending Inspiration, Office and unitedstreaming, 5. Integrating Video into Macromedia Flash and…

Do you have different ideas for breakout sessions?  Do you want to meet by grade level or subject area? Let me hear your feedback.


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  1. Sue Iannacci said:

    Preconference sessions look
    interesting ! I am especially excited to see “Using Digital Media to Differentiate Instruction”and “4. Tying IT All Together: Blending Inspiration, Office and unitedstreaming.”
    Will there be any sessions on poscasting ?

  2. Jim Hopton & Peggy Barger said:

    Hi Lance,
    While preparing for our Act 80 day unitedstreaming workshop, we experimented with the editable clips using Windows Movie Maker. Perhaps a session on editing clips would be useful. Also, we are introducing unitedstreaming to our Parent Teacher Organization. Maybe a session on promoting unitedstreaming to the school community would be helpful.
    Jim and Peggy

  3. Kim Smith said:

    All the sessions look great. May be difficult to choose. Dividing participants into grade levels may allow for the most appropriate content and application oppurtunities.Although, some participants may want the option to float between sessions.

  4. Maryann Molishus said:


    I think the session topics are good choices. They are topics that are of value to today’s teacher. I acutally enjoy meeting with mixed grade groups to see where the children come from and where they are headed.

  5. Martha Perez said:

    I am excited to attend Pete & C. I saw all the sessions being offered and I’m really excited about attending. I look forward to listening to Kathy Shrock and getting new ideas I can take back to the classroom. I am especially excited to sit in on the Digital Storytelling session. I am also excited about seeing and sharing ideas with fellow Discovery Educators. Thanks for the opportunity. Martha

  6. Terri Soyka said:

    The sessions sound interesting. I am especially intrigued by the digital storytelling and differentiated learning. I have followed Kathy Shrock for years so it will be a pleasure to meet her and listen to what she has to say. Meeting other teachers to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and how to improve is always a plus.

  7. Beth Lynam said:

    I am especially interested in the digital storytelling and differentiation strands. I think meeting by subject area would work better for some of the topics like digital storytelling and differentiated instruction, but for others like integrating video into MacroMedia it doesn’t seem as critical. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  8. Brian Adams said:

    I think that the schedule for the day looks great. The choices for the breakout sessions sound good too. So many good ones to choose from and 3 sessions to fit them all in. I am interested to learn more about the digital storytelling, tying it all together, and differenitating instruction. I hope to talk with people that attend the sessions, I am unable to.

  9. Cindy Cowburn said:

    I am looking forward to PETE&C. The sessions look great. The blending Inspiration, Office, and Unitedstreaming sounds good. I recently used a unitedstreaming movie in a PowerPoint, but I would love to learn more ideas of ways to incorportate unitedstreaming movie clips into my lessons. Also I like using digital media to differentiate instruction. It will also be great to meet Kathy Shrock and meet with other educators to discuss and share ideas. I think meeting with similiar grade levels would be helpful.

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