Sue Ann Iannacci

Sueiannacci5 I am a Science teacher at Ridley Middle School.  I teach 6th grade Adapted Life Science, 7th grade Adapted Earth Science , and 8th grade Adapted Physical Science.

After being at the Keystones conference, I am excited about going back to school and being able to bring to my students many of the things I learned about this summer such as eMissions,  Kidspiration, Inspiration, pod casting, and more.  In addition, I am excited about having smaller class sizes this year and about coteaching with some of my colleagues.

I also spent a week at the University of Oklahoma this summer to obtain training on a new science unit, FOSS : Weather and Water.  It too was an awesome experience and I am looking forward to teaching this unit as well as incorporating technology into it. 

My favorite teacher was my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. John Williams.  He is the one who made me realize my passion for teaching science.  In addition to teaching science through many "hands on " experiences,  he generously gave of his time to run the Ecology club of which I was a member.  He took the Ecology Club camping on weekends, to environmental science outings and symposiums, and instilled in us the love of the outdoors.  As we became high school students, he gained approval for us to return to the middle school as counselors each year for the annual seventh grade 3 day/2 night environmental science camp.  He allowed us to lead groups and teach to the younger students, the things he had taught us in the years prior.  We lead groups on wild edible foods, trees, survival skills, microscopic pond life, stream investigations, star gazing and night hikes.  He truly was an inspiration to me and is the reason I am a science teacher today.


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