Serving ELL Students with Open Court


With the growing number of English Language Learners (ELL) students in our schools and the increasing demands placed upon us by NCLB, three Fontana Unified School District administrators are working to develop instructional strategies that utilize Open Court to ensure that ELL students are successful.

How do you meet the needs of ELL Students using Open Court and all of its components?

George Santiago, Principal – Oleander Elementary, FUSD
Chris Ridge, Assistant Principal – Oak Park Elementary, FUSD
Ken Decroo, Principal – Dorothy Grant Elementary, FUSD


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  1. Jeanne Morris said:

    I am a second grade teacher at Grant Elementary. Our second grade team has found that using discovery movie clips and still shots have been wonderful for our ELL population. Face it It has been great for all of our kids reguardless of their ELL status. Many concepts and vocabulary in Open Court can be difficult for second graders to understand and remember. We have intergrated Discovery into our vocabulary activity using a powerpoint presentation.

    We take the words to be discussed in Open Court and the sentences from the Open Court vocabulary overheads.We put them in a powerpoint and add a movie clip or still picture from discovery to illustrate the vocabulary word. My students have much better sucess understanding and remembering the definition of the word. It funny to here them tell you what the word means. Yo can tell that they are visualizing the movie clip or still in their head as they tell you about the definitions.

    The great part is that you can then print out the powerpoint page with the definition and clip/still on it and display it in the room. Rosa Kolbulnick one of our second grade teachers has great success using this idea to teach the vocabulary to her ELL 1’s and 2’s. It is something engagine and visual that they can relate this new word to.

    Our entire grade level is thankful for Discovery and their movie clips, stills and GREAT IDEAS. Hats off to Discovery!

    Jeanne Morris
    2nd Grade
    Grant Elementary
    Fontana Unified School District

  2. Lynn Sleeth said:

    This is great! I’m looking forward to finding and using information to support my RSP students. Thanks for initiating this site. Lynn.

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