Jeff Reed

I am a second grade classroom teacher at East Pike Elementary School (Indiana, PA).  I serve on the district wide and building level technology committees.  I have filled in temporarily for one of our district’s elementary technology support teachers in the past.

I am looking forward to a Social Studies unit about our local county that will integrate technology in a variety of ways.  Students will take photographs of various places of interest and importance using disposable cameras.  Photographs will be developed and be used to make postcards with Microsoft publisher, classroom presentations using Power Point, and writing projects using Microsoft Word.  Each student will make a hardback book about our county as a keepsake. This unit was developed by a grant two years ago that was awarded to me through a district wide grant fund and has been incorporated into the second grade curriculum throughout the district.

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Beck.  She was my Kindergarden teacher and my second grade teacher.  She had a way of making the classroom a comfortable and enjoyable place to learn.  I have tried to create a similar environment in my classroom to this day.


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