Jennifer Dorman

Jen_d I am a 9th grade social studies teacher and team leader at Holicong Middle School in the Central Bucks School District in Doylestown, PA.  I am also the professional development liaison for my building and conduct staff development sessions both in building and across district that deal with technology integration issues as well as current topics and initiatives in education.  As a professional development liaison, I also work with new teachers during the induction process and mentor all staff in technology. 

I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of an eInstruction CPS that I will pilot in my classroom.  I returned from the NECC in Philadelphia with a head full of ideas.  My principal was intrigued by the various ways the CPS could be used to meet our district and building goals related to differentiated instruction.  I am also excited to have a "souped up" digital video editing station in my classroom that is running Pinnacle Systems Studio DV version 9.0.  This station has a digital video camera and DVD/VHS player.  Last year, I experimented with digital documentaries as an assessment tool and was amazed at the quality of documentaries that my students created with Windows Media Player 2 and the high level of engagement in the researching and production process.  The enhanced editing computer system will open new doors and I cannot wait to introduce the digital documentaries this coming year.

My favorite teacher in high school was Mr. Widmer.  I had "The Wid" for biology 1 and 2.  Mr. Widmer’s classes were driven by discovery; he coached his students through various problems to empower them to discover the solution or answer for themselves.  The material was always challenging and the constant sideline prompting from Mr. Widmer gave his students the confidence to take risks and push themselves.  There was always a tremendous emphasis on experiential learning.  We didn’t just take notes on pond ecosystems; we were in the pond gathering data to take back to the lab.  He was always inspiring and, though I did not go on to study science, I still think back to and am inspired by his innovative teaching style.


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