Kim Smith

Kim_smith I teach grade 3 @ Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary. I also serve as Co-technology mentor for students and staff @ D-PB.  I am looking forward to continued integration of technology with my students and their phenominal success using it. Student achievement with Accelerated Reader, Study Island, and now KidBiz3000 has shown me that my students can achieve so VERY much.

I am also looking forward to our annual trek to the Maryland Science Center, coming up in October.  Oh, and I’m working hard for an interactive whiteboard….and I just may get it!!! Yahoo!

My favorite teacher…this is truly a difficult question. I had so many wonderful teachers..I was quite fortunate. But I’m sure the one educator that made the greatest impact on me as a teacher is Dr. Robert Dornish, a Kutztown University professor. He gave me so many tools, ideas, strategies and even confidence that his legacy as a professional continues on through so many teachers he trained every day across the nation. His love of children’s literature, storytelling and innovative teaching have helped mold me into the teacher I am today.


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