Beth Breiner

I am a Technology Integration Specialist at Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21.  My role is to interact with teachers in making technology a seamless, integral part of the learning process.

I will have several opportunities this year to work with teachers via workshops and conferences to emphasize the role of technology in aiding teachers to deliver lesson plans designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences.   I’m particularly interested in developing the role of video streaming and existing technology (such as Microsoft Office Suite) in non-traditional uses.   In addition, I will be doing quite a bit of work on webquest tools and looking into applications that allow teachers to create their own customized webquests!

My favorite teacher was my high-school math teacher, Mr. Clair Merkel.  I was a terrible math student, I just couldn’t “get it”!   But Mr. Merkel never gave up on me.   He always saw that I was trying to get it and every day in class he had a variety of examples and analogies for whatever concept he was presenting.  He never failed to try to present the material in a different way, hoping one of the presentations would click on the light-bulb in my mathematical brain.  He would be pleased to know that in my junior year of college I finally “got it” and understood the math concepts he was so confident I would eventually master.  His influence is with me to this day in my dedication to the delivery of content in a variety of methods in order to reach each student in the way that he/she prefers to learn and in the patience to know that all students will eventually “get it”.


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