Brian Adams

Brian_adams I am a Technology Resource Teacher for K-3 students.  I see each of the classes in a computer lab.  I teach the students the expected technology standards while integrating my lessons and activities with their classroom curricula.  I split my week between two K-3 elementary schools in Colonial School District.  We are a suburb of Philadelphia. 

This is my second year in this position.  I had been a Second Grade teacher for the previous 9 years.  I look forward to further developing the curriculum for the Technology Resource Teachers.  I hope to use some of the information shared here as well as from the Keystone Summit to bring ideas to my colleagues. 

I had a lot of favorite teachers.  The ones I think of most fondly are my elementary school teachers.  I guess that is because we spent more time with them than the middle or high school teachers.  But the one that stands out the most was Mr. Lawrence, my second grade teacher.  He seemed to make learning fun, with some humor added.  I also remember his classroom being a real "community" of learners.


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