Dennis Walters

Dennis20walters I teach keyboarding, word processing, and computer applications to grades 6th, 7th, and 8th at Knoch Middle School in western PA.  I start students out focused on becoming good touch typists in 6th grade, continue with word processing in 7th grade, and expand to the entire MSOffice package in 8th grade.  I try to expose students to as much technology as possible so that they can concentrate on what interested them most when they schedule their high school courses.

As the middle school year book advisor for the 2nd year, I am really looking forward to helping the students produce another high quality year book.  We utilize Josten’s Yearbook Avenue and produce the entire book online.  The students take the pictures, layout the pages, and write all of the text.  It is a great experience for all of us.

My favorite teacher was Lance Rougeux.  As my cooperating teacher while I student taught in Philadelphia, Lance was an excellent role model.  He taught me the value of getting to know each student and taking the time to let them know that they count.  I saw that it was important for students to see me as a real person, and it was OK to use humor to lighten a tense situation, motivate a student, or peak interest.  I owe much of my present teaching style to Lance’s mentoring.


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