Diahann Ouly

Diahann I am a Technology Integration Specialist at Carbon Lehigh IU 21 in Schnecksville.  I started here almost 8 years ago and my title was IMS Instructor, my role has really evolved over the years to where I am now doing true technology integration with classroom teachers.  It has been a wonderful experience, and fun too!  I get to play with all the new emerging technologies and show teachers how to utilize them.  Prior to joining the IU I was a Librarian for 7 years and a computer teacher for a year and a half, both in the Panther Valley SD. 

This year I am looking forward to many things, most importantly being able to interact with educators and share my knowledge and experience in educational technologies.  I will be out on the road a lot doing staff development on different areas, some of which include the Classroom Performance System(CPS), United Streaming, Kidspiration, Marco Polo and many, many more.  I also look forward to some upcoming conferences where I will be able to present and network with colleagues from across the state. 

My favorite teacher would have to have been Mrs. Carol Rakos, she was my high school librarian.  Mrs. Rakos was probably one of the main reasons I went into education and especially into the field of Library Media.  She was dynamic, outgoing, caring and her love for her school, education and her students was unwavering.  Not only was she a teacher but she was also a second mother and a friend. 


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