Teresa Soyka

Terri I am a fourth grade teacher in the Central Cambria School District (Ebensburg,PA) and a member of the district technology committee. I was also involved in aligning the district’s curriculum to the PA Standards in Math, Reading, Environment/Ecology and Science/Technology. 

This school year I have acquired 25 handhelds. We are eager to use them to record data in a science project that explores the affects of calcium on a growing body. The children will raise two rats for four weeks, feeding the control rat food and whole milk, and the treatment rat food and sugar water. The children will use the handhelds to record the weight and length on a spreadsheet, and the memo pad to record physical observations. The task list will contain the chores the children will have to complete in caring for the animals. The handhelds will also be integrated into other subjects as the opportunity arises. The kids and I are excited to get started.

Hmmm…my favorite teacher. It would have to be my sixth grade teacher Mr. Herr.  Mr. Herr instilled an enthusiasm for learning and a confidence to take risks. He encouraged us to question, question, question and then go out and find the answers.


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