unitedstreaming at its Best in West Shore SD

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Fairview Elementary School in the West Shore School District.  Jill Machemer and Anne Reardon allowed me to be a fly on the wall during an AWESOME lesson about PA Geography using unitedstreaming. 

Picture this…

About twenty fourth grade students working in pairs.  Each pair had an iBook and two sets of headphones.  The students were instructed to copy a video about PA onto their desktop (Mrs. Reardon burned CDs for each group).  Then the students were given a study guide with questions directly connected to the video clip about PA.  As the pairs watched the video, one student recorded the answers to the questions in the study guide.  It was fun to see students saying, "Wait, wait!  Go back, go back!" as they completed each of the questions.

When the students finished watching the video and completed their study guide, they were given a link to take an online quiz developed in the Quiz Center.  The students worked together to answer the questions on the quiz and their results were automatically sent to Mrs. Reardon’s email inbox. 

It was an amazing experience to see such a creative and powerful application of unitedstreaming in the classroom.  It was even more amazing to see how well the students worked together to complete their task.  The technology was truly just another tool they used as they collaborated in a very rich learning experience. 


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  1. Teresa Soyka said:

    Anne and Jill – What an awesome lesson. Would you be willing to share your lesson plans and outline for this activity. If so, please email me the information.

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