Bridget Belardi

Laptops_004_1 I teach first grade at Foster Elementary in the Mt. Lebanon School District which is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the Discovery Educator Network.  Technology is such a necessary tool for our younger students.  Some people are surprised to see my first graders take the laptops from the cart and use them at their desks first thing in the morning.  They quickly realize that "the little kids" can do it.  At this point, students are proficient in using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Kidspiration and have begun using the programs to enhance their own learning.  They are naturals!  I’m looking forward to using the handhelds with them, too!  One boy said the first week of school, "I’ve been waiting my whole wong wife (long life) to learn this computer stuff! Fank (Thank) you for teaching it to me!"

My favorite teacher was my 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Demchak.  His course was rigorous and intimidating at the beginning of the year and I felt nervous every day walking in his door.  However, I learned quickly that he believed in me and that made all the difference.  He challenged me but it forced me to surpass my potential.


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