Meet Wisconsin's First DEN Educators

What type of teacher becomes a DEN Educator?  What qualities do they have in common?  Why did they join the WI DEN?   

Meet the first of the WI DEN educators and you will find out that each are talented, enthusiastic educators who have the desire to collaborate with you.  They forever enjoy teaching and learning, especially integrating exemplary technology practices and resources into the classroom environment.

Meet Jeanne Halderson, 7th Grade Teacher, Longfellow Middle School, LaCrosse, WI

Jeannehalderson Jeanne’s enthusiasm for helping other teachers through her work as an Apple Distinguished Educator and as one of CESA #4’s 2001 TEACH Model Classroom Educator (see  Hmong Cultural Center service learning project online) provides evidence of her deep love for teaching and students and the empowerment of digital technologies.   Jeanne has long "got it" in terms of how to integrate technology in an authentic, brain-based manner.  She has been a leader in helping her fellow teachers learn how to work with digital media in the classroom.   Jeanne knows that working with a diverse group of educators helps her grow and learn.  She always enjoys meeting new teachers and sharing ideas.  Jeanne is busy exploring a new way to share what students think about the books they are reading.  I am sure we will more about that endeavor soon. Welcome, Jeanne!

Meet Dan King, 8th Grade Science Teacher and Instructional Technologist, Onalaska Middle School, WisconsinKingona

Dankingandstudentsinlab If anyone loves teaching through technology, it is Dan King, and he is an expert at making it relevant to his students’ lives.  Dan has been an educator for 28 years – most of which have been in support of instructional technology.  He not only teaches middle school, but also undergraduates at Viterbo University.  Dan feels that technology skills are critical in teaching the 21st Century Skills demanded by today’s work place. Check out Mr. King’s Science World!  Dan joined the DEN so that he could help his teachers learn how to use digital media effectively in the classroom and because he likes new challenges.

Dan and his students developed You, Me and UV, a 2004-05 Ed Tech funded/ CESA #4 (EETT) authentic math, science, and technology project based on an essential question: “Do sunglasses and sunscreens really protect us from the harmful UV radiation?”   We will let Dan tell you more about the fun his students had!  Please help me welcome Dan!

Shirley Galstad-Roh, Kindergarten Teacher and Technology Coach, Eagle Bluff Kindergarten Center, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Shirley_gtalstad_roh Chris_shirley_jan I don’t remember Kindergarten ever being like Mrs. Galstad-Roh’s class!  Shirley’s students have been collaborating with global partners for quite some time now.  Her students have shared weather data with their partner school in Texas, learned how to take digital images and send them to their e-pals, and even experienced the deep sadness of the loss of the Discovery Shuttle as it disintegrated over their pals’ state.  All of her students use technology resources daily from Kidspiration to assistive technology to the Internet…Shirley understands that the effective technology integration through embedding Wisconsin’s Information and Technology Literacy Standards are multifaceted.  Her students are engaged learners gaining  21st Century Skills even as five and six year olds.   She is preparing her students for jobs that are yet to be created. Her involvement with the WI DEN and Discovery Education will bring exciting opportunities for all.

Please help me welcome an exceptional Wisconsin Kindergarten teacher who will assure us that our students are ready for a brave, new world!

Wisconsin’s first public schoolteacher was Electa Quinney, a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans. Quinney had come to Wisconsin from New York , settled here, and opened the first school in the state without an enrollment fee.   Wisconsin educators, like Electa, Jeanne, Dan, and Shirley, all share something in common… they want to bring the world to their students and give them opportunities to learn and grow! (Credits: Wisconsin Historical Society where you can find primary resources for the Wisconsin classroom)

WANTED…teachers from all over Wisconsin to share the WI DEN spirit! If you are interested in joining our WI DEN, apply now!  


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