RJ Says "Hello" from T+L2

RJ Stangherlin is a Language Arts teacher at Salisbury High School in Salisbury Township School District.  She is PA DEN’s representative at this year’s T+L2 conference.  She will be providing us with insights and happenings at T+L2 through her daily blogs. 

If setting [a sunny 64 degrees at noon in Denver] counts, let me tell you that T + L2 is off to a grand start.  Factor in that Colorado’s Convention Center just might house Philadelphia’s 2+ times, add that T + L2 occupies the entire second floor with an extensive range of programs and exhibitors, and you have arguably the best technology, leadership, and learning integration conference in the country.  And that’s just with a sneak peek.  Try as I did, though, I could not talk my way into the convention early.

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining with some of the best people in the business, our field managers from DEN and their Discovery Educator administrators.  Seems there’s a healthy competition going on between the East and the West.  Right now the East has the edge, so Lance, I hear that you might not be entertaining the West in December, and they were so looking forward to it.  Let’s see what we all can do to keep Lance in the lead. 

Tomorrow is a full day of Digital Storytelling, and I can tell you we are being taught by the “best of the best.” I am excited about bringing that training back to you.

DISCOVERY EDUCATION has a vendor-hosted room with a full schedule, and that’s where you’ll find me.  Coming Attractions for Wednesday:
·Integrating Digital Video into the Classroom
·Creating Multiple Paths to Learning
·Using Technology to Improve Student Health
·Real World Science: CD-ROMs in the Classroom.

Tonight I got to see the networking behind the scenes, watching how hard each and every person on this supercharged team works to take us beyond the cutting edge.  That alone was worth the trip.  We miss you Lance, and we all say hello.


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  1. A. Amati said:

    It sounds like you are enjoying your trip very much. I would like to learn more about the Digital Storytelling.
    I attended the NECC Conferences in New Orleans and Philadelphia and I know how you feel. I was so overwhelmed with things that I learned that I couldn’t wait to go back and tell my Techology Coordinator. Have fun and enjoy.

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